Monday, June 23, 2014

Modesty Week - Laura's Perspective

So this week on the blog -
 it's what I am calling 'Modesty Week'. 

5 incredible people will be sharing their perspective on modesty 
and the importance of it.

They will also be showing you where to shop
 for modest clothing, because sometimes that can get tricky.


Hi everyone! I'm Laura and I blog over at Sincerely, Laura! I blog about my family, my life, and things that make me happy. I'm so thankful that Ashley has invited me over here to talk about one of the things that's most important to me- modesty!

I love dressing modestly. It was instilled in me, at a young age, that dressing modestly is important. Some of my friends assume that I dress modestly because of my religion, and while that is definitely true, it's not the only reason. I dress modestly because it shows that I respect my body. It shows that I respect myself as a woman, and as a daughter of God. I dress modestly because it shows that I know there is more to who I am than just my body.

I love this quote from M. Russell Ballard, from "Mothers and Daughters" on dressing modestly-

"For example, they need to understand that when they wear clothing that is too tight, too short, or too low cut, they not only can send the wrong message to young men with whom they associate, but they also perpetuate in their own minds the fallacy that a woman’s value is dependent solely upon her sensual appeal. This never has been nor will it ever be within the righteous definition of a faithful daughter of God. They need to hear this—clearly and repeatedly—from your lips, and they need to see it modeled correctly and consistently in your own personal standards of dress, grooming, and modest living." 
lace tee: downeast basics | button up: downeast basics | jeans: american eagle

As a fashion student, I do understand that most of the world is not concerned with dressing modestly. However, there are so many fashion trends that are modest and cute, and so many stores that carry modest clothing that make it easier on us girls who would love to dress modestly! My favorite stores to shop at that carry modest clothing are Gap, DownEast Basics, and Winsome Jones. 
tee: forever 21 | skirt: downeast basics | belt: thrifted

I love that Gap carries such classic styles in trendy prints and colors. Their clothes are, more often than not, very modest and fashionable at the same time! DownEast carries modest dresses & skirts that are so difficult to find these days. I love that when I need a new skirt or dress, I can hop on their website or run down to their store, and bam, tons of cute (and modest!) dresses & skirts. Winsome Jones is a new find of mine, and definitely a new favorite! Their whole motto is "less skin, more style" and I love that! They carry modest skirts, dresses, and tops and their accessories are to die for!
dress: shabby apple | heels: payless

I understand that it's not always the easiest thing to dress modestly and feel comfortable walking around outside without feeling like a Pioneer, but there are so many fun and cute ways you can style your modest clothing to keep up with the fashion world! Be creative, try new things, and most importantly, stick to your standards! You never know who is looking to you to be their example.


  1. ahh! thanks for sharing this! i'm so glad i was able to write and share my perspective! :)

  2. OF COURSE! You are so beautiful inside & out. What beautiful thoughts you had to share with girls that need to be reminded that they are Daughters of God and how important it is to treat your body as such! :)

  3. anytime! i love absolutely everything about your company!

  4. Yes, what a darling online boutique!! So glad you shared this with us. :)


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