Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Modesty Week - Aubrey's Perspective

Growing up I didn't think about modesty nearly as much as I should have. I grew up in the south. It was hot and humid. I wore the least amount of clothes as possible. 
Fast forward a few years... I went to college at Brigham Young University with a dress code that required modesty. It was my choice to go to school there, so I felt like it was my obligation to obey the dress code. Because the dress code was pretty specific it came up a lot in conversation. I remember one specific conversation with a group of guys. They talked about how much easier it was to be morally clean when girls covered up their bodies. It was very eye opening and taught me the value of modesty.

 photo redblack_zps16833276.jpg  photo august30x30024_zpsc169c954.jpg
black cardi (gap outlet), button down (old navy), red skinnies (kohls)
denim jacket (old roommmate), sequin top (old navy), melon skinnies (gap outlet)
 photo crafts003_zps7f3202e9.jpg
blue cardi (h&m), yellow v neck (the shine project), jeans (gap outlet)
denim jacket (old roommate), white v neck (target), black skinnies (kohls)

Modesty is important to me, because I respect my body enough to cover up. 
Depending on the current fashion trends, shopping for modest clothing can be a little tricky. I shop all over for accent items, but for my staple items (cardigans, jackets, jeans, and basics) my top 3 stores are target, gap outlet, and old navy. Cardigans are my signature and help make almost all shirts more modest. My other tip is to layer, that way I never have to worry about not being modest enough.

I'm really glad I had that conversation as a college freshman. Not only did it make me more determined to be modest for the guys around me, but it helped me see the value of being modest for myself.

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