Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Letter to My 17 Year Old High School Graduate Self

Dear Ashley,

Congratulations on graduating High School!

It is a huge accomplishment. Something worth celebrating.
But guess what, my dear?! This is just the very beginning. 

There were many things you wished that would have happened in high school

that didn't, but it's okay. You will succeed in life because you have learned 
one very important principle, to always try and to never give up.

Your high school status and popularity, or lack thereof will not limit you. 

You were destined for greatness and just because you never felt like you fit in,
doesn't mean that didn't have a purpose within itself. 

Listen to the confusion. 

The moment you start to feel confused or conflicted about a situation, 
it probably isn't right for you.

Stand with Integrity over being nice.
You're going to face a lot of peer pressure.
You were blessed to not face a lot of it in high school,
not to scare you... but just you wait!
If you will remember The Lord is on your side and wants the best 
for you, then you will have the strength to say no and avoid these situations.

You have been taught your whole life to be kind to others and accept 
what others believe in.
But there will come a time when you have to choose between being nice
or standing by your values and staying true to yourself.
If you choose to go along with what others are doing,
you're going to loose yourself very quickly and then you won't have 
the ability to help others or help yourself.

Don't get lost in the crowd. 
You are YOU - you are a girl with integrity.
Stand strong to your convictions NO MATTER what
other's around you may believe.

Don't be afraid to start up a conversation.
The secret to having a friend, is to first be a friend.
Reach out more. Give more. Love more.
Take some chances on people and get out of your box.

Your faith is going to be tested. You have prepared yourself so 

well through out your young teenage years to have a testimony in the 
gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
This testimony will be your anchor!!! 
At times you will question things, you will have doubts, temptations and trials. 

You will look back often to rely on the strength of your faith you had built upon

in the early years of your life.
You will be able to compare the peace and happiness you felt in high school 
with the confusion, fear and loneliness you will feel in the near future. 
You will know without a shadow of a doubt that
happiness comes from living the gospel and trusting God in everything that you do.

You're going to have many opportunities to break hearts.

Remember how it feels when your heart has been broken, go easy!

You are going to go through things that will later on help you connect and relate

to all the trials and heartaches that teen girls have to face on a daily basis. 
Remember the lessons that you learn so you can teach and mentor girls 
and pass your wisdom onto them.

There will be days when you will feel lost and all alone, thinking you don't even matter

and no one would notice if you disappear off the face of the earth.
This is a trick, a mind game brought on by the adversary. IGNORE IT!
Don't you dare dwell on this thought for more than two seconds.

You will experience heartbreak, many, many different times, in many different situations.

You will justify this and think that this is how it is supposed to feel, 
so you won't do anything about it but be the victim. 

I wish I could spare you this heartbreak, but this will be a pivotal experience
in your life, helping you to become stronger and more independent. 
It will allow you to realize you can't do it on your own, 
and you will need to rely upon the atonement to overcome the pain you will feel.

You will chase goals and dreams, putting your entire heart into a goal 

that will mean more to you than you could ever imagine.
Don't get discouraged if it doesn't play out how you so desperately hope it will.
The hours of preparation and dedication that you will put in, will not be a waste.

You're on the right track, beautiful girl.
Hang on tight and enjoy the ride.
Life won't always be perfect, but when you put Heavenly Father
first in your life - I promise you with my entire heart that you will ALWAYS 

Dream BIG, WISH hard & Be believing!!!
With so much love,

Your 25 Year Old Self

{I graduated 8 years ago from Murray High School}


  1. You are such a sweetheart! YOU are beautiful! :)

  2. I'm also 25 so I can totally relate to this post. It's amazing how many things change in just a few short years. Things that seemed so important in high school just aren't any more.

  3. This letter is so beautiful. It's so strange to see how we grow in just a few years!

  4. I love this so much! What great advice for a young woman starting out. Amazing how much we learn as the years go by. :)

  5. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing ♥

  6. This is so beautiful, such a lovely testimony x

  7. I love this! I need to do this, as well! I've written to future self (current age) before, and it's fun to read back on those! <3

  8. Love this. I have a graduation themed post sitting in my drafts that I might just get around to finishing this weekend!

  9. AHHHH this is adorable!! I love that you said don't get lost in the crowd :) Great points!

  10. I love this! I wish I had a letter from my 17 year old self - I have no idea what I would've said. It's crazy to think how much life has changed since high school - I would have NEVER imagined what has happened!

    Great post!

  11. I love this! You are beautiful and you are so right, keep following your dreams, girl! You're still on the right track :)

  12. Love this letter! What great advice to your younger self. You are such a talented writer.

  13. Beautiful. You are so talented. So happy to have met you and so happy to have you to inspire me often. Thanks for stepping into my life! Sorry we didn't get to meet in person while I was in Utah.

  14. What a lovely post. I am a similar age and it's crazy how much I'd love to have known then what I know now x

  15. That's great we are about the same age! Thanks so much for the blog visit! :) It's amazing how much we grow! :)

  16. This is the sweetest comment EVER! Thank you! :) You are such a sweetheart. I would have loved to have met you, next time! :)

  17. You totally made my day! Thank you SO MUCH!

  18. Life is a lot different than what we have planned out, isn't it? And yet things always work out! :)

  19. I LOVE that we are the same age. Things change so much but we learn & grow and become better, don't we?!

  20. Thank you, so sweet! I want to turn this advice into real advice for girls. I feel we all have something that we can share to help others learn & grow.

  21. Thank you! You should definitely write one! You realize how much you have overcome & grown.

  22. I have to go look at your graduation post now. :)

  23. Love this idea! There are so many things I would say to a younger version of myself including Dream Big!

  24. Thank you! I totally agree! Good thing we learn these lessons as we progress! :)

  25. Beautiful! Thank you for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! This post is just what I needed to read today.

  26. You're a sweetheart, thank you!! I can't tell you how much stuff I found on your blog that was so helpful!! That's why I followed you on Pinterest, to keep track of it all. :)


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