Friday, January 31, 2014

Write your story on my heart

Life can be so difficult sometimes. Monday I took my car to get it washed. It had been at least a year since it had been through a car wash (crazy, I know!) so I figured it was about time. They told me to put my car in neutral  let go of the break and the wheel and it would do everything for me. As I was going through the car wash, I noticed that I started to freak out a bit. Here I am completely blinded by the suds and the big blue scrubbers running up and down my car. My car started to shake and wiggle as it slowly pulled me through this super long tunnel. I kept thinking, if I only I could see, if only I could be in charge. How much longer of this madness? 

Sorry I am using such a silly parable but it relates...

It relates to the fact that I have noticed I fully and openly give God the pen and let him write my story when things are going well and when I am happy. But when he takes me on a detour I was not expecting, I yank over the steering wheel and I say "I am not ready to go there, can I drive now?" It's so sad but true. And even if I don't like the turns he takes me on (at that moment), I know in my heart I will still be happier then when I am completely trying to pull away from what he wants for my life. When will I learn to give the control up and to trust him? It's hard to have that faith but it has to be, the easy things don't bring the amazing blessings that we so richly deserve and God wants to share and bless with us. 

Every day is a learning day of how God is the greatest author of my story. Whether it is what I expected my story to look like or not, Heavenly Father knows better and he knows what will bring me that happily ever after. Faith is the greatest gift, it is a value you need to develop but once you exercise it, it is a gift. Some people find this gift easier to use and cherish than others do but the truth is, the more you use the gift, the more gifts you receive. 

This week when I finally exercised my faith, I found the most amazing gift in the world... the gift of peace. It was no longer a battle with my head and my heart of I what I wanted and what I believed. I felt peace. That peace of letting go and letting God write his story on my heart. Heavenly Father knows me and loves each of us more than we can even imagine, he won't let us down.    

May you have faith and hope in your own daily struggles so that you can find that peace - I promise it is the greatest feeling in the world.

And here are two songs to help you through: