Monday, November 18, 2013

Charity of the week -


I am going to start spotlighting one Charity a week. I feel it is important to be aware of these Charity's so we have more opportunities to be aware of ways we can make a difference and be that "Power of One".

So the first one I have chosen to spotlight is!

I found out about this Charity when I went into Aerie last month 
during October - "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". 
I bought the cutest and comfiest pink bra and 100% of the proceeds went
to this organization - is that not the greatest???
Also I got the prettiest pink nail polish and 100% of the proceeds for that got donated as well!
I would say Aerie ROCKS for supporting such an amazing cause!

Actually you can still buy the bra and support the cause HERE

So I'm sure you are wondering by now what is
Bright Pink is the ONLY National non-profit that raises awareness 
of the protection and early detection of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. 

Want to support this amazing Charity?

Donate Here

Find ways to Volunteer Here

or simply Spread the Word Here

Remember that you hold the POWER OF ONE GIRL 

- You efforts may just end up changing the world! 

If you do ANYTHING to support this cause - I want to hear all about it so please come back and leave a comment.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


                                        It has been awhile since I have updated you on 
                                                    Miss Murray's Outstanding Teen!!

                                 Remember when I wrote about the obstacles in the way? Well, I used 
                                                    the obstacles as stepping stones and things 
                                                               are getting brighter each day!!

                         Miss Murray's FIRST Outstanding Teen was crowned in September. 
           We didn't hold a full on pageant but we chose our winner based on paperwork and a 
                              poster that showed what she would do to promote her platform. 
                           I thought this was ideally perfect as we wanted a girl who was focused 
                                                              on serving her community.

Meet Lauren Wells,
 she is a student at Murray High and her platform is
Cancer Awareness! 

Lauren is already doing AMAZING things in the community.
In fact she performed for the Huntsman Center Gala event that was AMAZING!!
Here is a glimpse into what the evening had in store.

 In celebration of things working out so well, we have partnered up
with Shine Project's THREADS to bring you
bracelets and stacks that were custom made just for
the Miss Murray Outstanding Teen's program.

The stacks are $50 and 20% of all sales goes to MMOT and the
rest goes straight back to Threads and we all know the amazing
work that they do! :)

The crown bracelets individually are $14.

They are debuting in the Thread shop
but I also have my own pile of them so email me if 
you would like some bracelets and I will personally 
deliver them to you! :)

Together we can CREATE and WEAR CHANGE!!!