Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Power of One Girl Challenge

10 Day Challenge to develop a Healthier and Stronger Self-Esteem -
 The POWER is in YOU!!!
Use #powerinyou to let me know you are taking the challenge! J I believe in you!

1. Practice having a Positive attitude and use Positive Affirmations
Every time you have a negative thought about yourself write it down and then replace it with something positive – When you write it down, the thought can no longer take over your mind and you become in control again.
2. Develop a new talent
How much time do you spend getting ready everyday? – Use the same amount of time getting ready on the inside through studying or developing a new talent or skill. Pick something you really want to work on or learn. It should be something that is outside your comfort zone.
3. Have a strong dream or goal in your life
Create a vision board or goal poster today! Put at least 5 goals on there that are not tangible! You can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind too! Hang it somewhere by your bed and stare at it for 3 minutes tonight before you fall asleep.
4. Don't compare yourself to others
Make a list of 5 positive inner qualities & 5 positive outer qualities you like about yourself – ask a friend or your mom if you need help. Every time you start to compare yourself with someone else, pull out that list and remember that you are proud of that quality and you were made to be unique!
5. Friends
In the halls at school today say Hi to everyone you see! Talk to 3 people you have not talked to all school year long! – THIS IS A HARD ONE BUT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!! {Just picture me cheering you on!}
6. Self-Discipline
Make a list of 6 things that are SUPER IMPORTANT that you have to accomplish today – do this before you go to school! – DO THEM! No matter what, stay disciplined! Even if it gets hard or you get tired, do not give it but do plan wisely!
7. Body Language and posture
Imagine you have a string coming out of your head that is pulling you up. Sit in your chair tall, stand up straight, just be confident in who you are and demonstrate this through your body language today.
8. Stay true to your Values & Beliefs
Write down 5 values that you believe in. Now get a separate piece of paper and write down the names of the 5 people you are around the most. These 5 people are influencing you more than you know, evaluate if what they do matches the values that you believe in. Find a way to change what needs to be changed.
9. Balance Mental, Physical, Spiritual
Mental – study a topic that is hard for you for at least 15 minutes
Physical – Jump rope 20 times
Spiritual - Mediate
10. Service - Make a difference to others
Take the 5 hearts I have given you and do 10 Random Acts of Kindness. You can write a note and sign your name or type it and leave it as anonymous. Take pictures of your acts and use #happinessheartchallenge

I am guest speaking tomorrow at Murray High School tomorrow
 about Self -Esteem during their lunch hour!
 I am SO EXCITED because I feel this is an issue that so many teenagers
face and they don't know where to start or what to do to build 
that confidence they so desperately need!

So I created a 10 day challenge for them.
This challenge, if done correctly will take them to new heights
they didn't even know was possible.

I believe EVERYONE - no matter who you are 
or the background you came from - 
you have something within you - it is called POWER and when 
you use your superpowers that were built inside of you
that is when you will reach your potential.

So why don't you join these Spartans and take the challenge as well! 

Please use #powerinyou if you share this anywhere or take 
pictures on instagram because I would love to see pictures!

In fact I will give you a shout out on the blog for
 a few of you who complete some of the challenges!

Let me know what you think and what your end result was - the idea is to get you out of your comfort zone! :) email me @

 P.S. - Exciting news about threads coming REAL SOON!


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