Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to write a Thank You letter

I LOVE thank you notes!

Okay I don't just love them....I may be slightly OBSESSED with them!
I carry blank ones with me EVERYWHERE! 

I feel lost if I don't have one with my at all times. You just never know who might do something nice for you and who you might need to thank!

There are these two very kind boys who work at Kneaders (pretty sure I go there too often for my wallet) and every time I go through the drive through they treat me like royalty! Of course I wrote their manager a letter thanking them for hiring two compassionate boys who know what true customer service is all about! I think that may be the main reason I go back so often, they make me feel like a princess with their sweet service! The second reason is because their food is SO YUMMY!

The point is, if someone makes you feel like a million bucks - TELL THEM!!!

So it is your turn to write a Thank You note.

Step 1: Think and select someone that has made a difference in YOUR life!

 It can be in a very simple or subtle way or it can be HUGE!

Ideas: How about your 2nd grade teacher that took you under her wing?
                 How about that kind cashier that went out of her way to serve you today?
                 What about that girl back in high school who always said Hi to you, no matter what?!

Friends, neighbors, cashiers, waitresses, mentors, parents, siblings, co-workers, your boss - they all want to feel loved and appreciated for the things they do, even if they are simple things.

Step 2: Pick out a card!

It does not need to be fancy! 

Step 3: Think of a few nice things to say!

The most important factor on this step is that you are sincere! 
Make it come from the bottom of your heart!

Ideas to get you thinking: 

You make me feel so loved!
You are truly amazing at your job. Thank you for doing your job so well!
You care so much for others and it really shows.
You make a difference! 
Thank you for your service!
Thank you for your business!
Thank you for your time!
Thank you for your love!
Thank you for being my friend!

Step 4: Write it down!

It is SO MUCH more meaningful when it is written in your own handwriting on a card instead of just a simple and impersonal email. People simply LOVE getting mail that isn't bills!

Step 5: Send it!

Once you send your thank you; lives will be touched, hearts will be lifted, joy will be experienced and the process of paying it forward can begin! 

You writing a thank you note has a HUGE impact on others whether you believe it or not!

CONGRATULATIONS... YOU {being ONE person} just made a difference and started to change the world!

Step 6: Celebrate. {I believe ice cream is in order now :)}

When you reward yourself for the good things you do in this world, you are more likely to remember them and do it again! 

Want a great excuse to invite friends over? Have a Thank you Note - - ice cream party! 
Write TONS of notes and indulge in ice cream!

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