Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom - Happy 4th of July

 To me this isn't just a holiday about parades, candy, fireworks and barbeques.
 It is a holiday about Freedom and about being blessed to have men who
are out there every day fighting for the rights that I am entitled to which
 I so often take for granted.

 America is such an amazing country. It is a country founded upon the principle
that we are all ONE NATION under God with free agency. 
I love living in this country that allows to me to have dreams,
and chase them to my heart's content. 

In my eyes, America is all about happiness, hope, dreams,
love, unity and the goodness in the hearts of our 
people. I love that American's are so giving and would help others in
a heart beat.

Hope you have an AMAZING 4th of July.
I have already been enjoying mine by being in the Murray 
parade to promote the Miss Murray's Outstanding Teen Pageant.
I walked probably 4 miles today {Booya!}
I also got to walk with tons of little Misses - 
that is real life Princess Diaries 2 right there (remember that scene?!)
Can't wait to see fireworks tonight!


  1. I loved being in our local 4th of July parade when I was in my HS color guard. It was always so hot and we walked for what seemed like miles, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Being in that parade always made me feel so happy to be able to enjoy an activity like that because I lived in America.

    New follower, found you through Wildcard Wednesday!

    Have a fantastic 4th!

  2. Color Guard sounds awesome! Parades are so American and our such a that!
    Thanks so much for following!


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