Friday, June 28, 2013

Outstanding Teen Pageant - On My Heart

 Aren't these girls so beautiful?
Trust me, they are just as beautiful on the inside TOO!

I have been working SO hard to bring 
the Outstanding Teen Pageant to Murray City. 
I competed in 8 local pageants and
I couldn't stand the thought of not being involved in pageants anymore.

Pageants have shaped my life in an outstanding way. 
I have the strongest passion to bring more scholarships to Murray's youth!
The Miss America Organization is the most incredible organization.
It is a non profit organization and it is a stepping stone to success for girls.

I have put a lot of work into making this pageant happen already but I have 
ran into bits of opposition along the way. I have had to go through many different 
Murray City offices from the school district, to the Mayor's office, to Parks & Rec, 
to other city's pageant directors, to potential contestants.
And while it has been absolutely an incredible experience in setting up something
that is going to make a difference in the community and change the lives
of several girls and families in amazing ways, 
their has been obstacles that somehow keep this amazing project 
from moving along at the pace I desired.

Remember the red light, green light game?
Well that is the game I have been playing lately.
The problem is the red light has been lasting about 3 times as
 long as the green lights are lasting.
Honestly it has been hard and frustrating  but what I've learned is that
opposition is powerful

{Powerful in a good way if you didn't catch on}

I truly believe that all things work together for good!
I believe that the obstacles on the journey we are trying to pursue
are stepping stones for better things to take place.

In a way I find it encouraging, if things were going along perfectly
I wouldn't have to work on this project so hard.
I feel like it is such a great thing to be involved in, that the adversary is 
trying to stop me from making it happen.
I will win!!! :)

I have this Positive Affirmation that I keep on my wall 
and I read it on a daily basis.
It says:

                                                       "I will let nobody push my buttons.
I will let nobody rain on my parade.
I will go over. I will go under.
I will go around and I will go through
Any obstacle that comes my way!!
Because I am highly motivated
Truly dedicated
Extremely successful!

Since I love you so much... I made you a printable of it!

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