Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Old Navy and Crowdtap are AMAZING!!!

I just want to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to Crowdtap and Old Navy 
for the opportunity at a random act of kindness.

First of all if you haven't heard of Crowdtap - it is an amazing site 
that lets you share your opinons about different brands.

Now I LOVE Old Navy - I find the cutest items there!
They just happen to be cheap and stylish... bonus :)

So Crowdtap sent me these coupons in the mail. 
They say "Get one FREE active top and one FREE active bottom".
It came with two of them!! It was supposed to be one for you and one for your friend.
Well I have two best friends and I couldn't choose.
And I have lots of workout clothing that I have already purchased from
Old Navy, so I thought... what a great opportunity to share a little love 
and kindness to my two best friends. They just happen to be my mom and my sister.

This is my mom! My beautiful and inspiring best friend.
 After trying a few different outfits on...
we found one that she fell in love with!
We quickly learned that the key to feeling motivated to working out,
if finding an outfit that you feel completely empowered in!

We have big plans to hit the trails, ride our bikes, and prepare for a 5K.
My mom is now ready and motivated to take back her life and
get in shape so she can feel better on a daily basis.

Old Navy is so innovative and creative! 
I had to capture a picture of the dressing rooms while we were there.
I love all that Old Navy has to offer.

This is my sister, Abigail.
We found her the perfect outfit after trying on a few.
We knew this was the one when she suddenly had
a smile of motivation and confidence written all over her.
Is my sister gorgeous or what??

                                                        I am so excited to work out with these 
                                                   gorgeous and inspiring ladies this summer. 
                                                     This is going to be a life changing summer
                                               as we all own up to the girls we were meant to be.

                                                 Thank you SO MUCH Old Navy for giving my
                                                 family $80 worth of workout clothing to better 
                                           our lives and motivate us to take care of our bodies.

                                         I had fun trying on clothes with them but I was so grateful
                                          I could pass the coupons on to the girls I love the most!

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