Friday, June 28, 2013

Outstanding Teen Pageant - On My Heart

 Aren't these girls so beautiful?
Trust me, they are just as beautiful on the inside TOO!

I have been working SO hard to bring 
the Outstanding Teen Pageant to Murray City. 
I competed in 8 local pageants and
I couldn't stand the thought of not being involved in pageants anymore.

Pageants have shaped my life in an outstanding way. 
I have the strongest passion to bring more scholarships to Murray's youth!
The Miss America Organization is the most incredible organization.
It is a non profit organization and it is a stepping stone to success for girls.

I have put a lot of work into making this pageant happen already but I have 
ran into bits of opposition along the way. I have had to go through many different 
Murray City offices from the school district, to the Mayor's office, to Parks & Rec, 
to other city's pageant directors, to potential contestants.
And while it has been absolutely an incredible experience in setting up something
that is going to make a difference in the community and change the lives
of several girls and families in amazing ways, 
their has been obstacles that somehow keep this amazing project 
from moving along at the pace I desired.

Remember the red light, green light game?
Well that is the game I have been playing lately.
The problem is the red light has been lasting about 3 times as
 long as the green lights are lasting.
Honestly it has been hard and frustrating  but what I've learned is that
opposition is powerful

{Powerful in a good way if you didn't catch on}

I truly believe that all things work together for good!
I believe that the obstacles on the journey we are trying to pursue
are stepping stones for better things to take place.

In a way I find it encouraging, if things were going along perfectly
I wouldn't have to work on this project so hard.
I feel like it is such a great thing to be involved in, that the adversary is 
trying to stop me from making it happen.
I will win!!! :)

I have this Positive Affirmation that I keep on my wall 
and I read it on a daily basis.
It says:

                                                       "I will let nobody push my buttons.
I will let nobody rain on my parade.
I will go over. I will go under.
I will go around and I will go through
Any obstacle that comes my way!!
Because I am highly motivated
Truly dedicated
Extremely successful!

Since I love you so much... I made you a printable of it!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Ashley Marie

Dear Ashley Marie,
What is lash primer and do I need to use it?

Dear Maddie,
Lash primer is an amazing product that gives you lashes an extra lift and helps mascara go on more evenly, smoothly and helps prevent clumping. I love it. I notice a difference in my lashes when I use it. You only need to use it if you are looking for something more to help your eyes pop and your lashes to appear longer and more fuller.
Ashley Marie

 Buy it HERE

Dear Ashley Marie,
I work, go to school and I am involved in so many projects and groups...I feel so overwhelmed. How I balance my life better?

Dear Kenna,
Sounds like you really are busy. Good for you for doing something valuable with your time. The key to balance is choosing projects that take up time with great care. If something isn't fun for you or isn't something that is really going to help you or someone else in the long run, don't be afraid to say no or turn it down. With that being said the second most important thing you can do is plan plan plan! Have a daily planner either online or on paper but map out everything from 6am - 10pm (you will find you can get more done in the mornings then staying up late at night). If something isn't set in stone for a time, let's say homework - still put it down. Schedule out a time block for your homework and stay true to your plan. It may help you to list everything you are involved with and how many hours you need to spend on it a day or a week. Once you list everything you will find you even have a little room for time with yourself which is vitally important for balance. 
Good luck with all your projects!
Ashley Marie

Dear Ashley Marie,
What's something I can do to stay positive, even on the days I don't feel like it?
Girl seeking optimism

Dear Girl seeking optimism,
What a great question. The way we think can be a challenge at times but it is a vital part of our life. Thinking positively can be the greatest reward you give yourself and it can make or break your happiness. Here are some ideas...
1. Remember that all things work for good - even the bad things in life bring goodness and blessings eventually.
2. Put a sign on your mirror that you can read everyday that says "This too shall pass" Just remembering that the hard times don't last long can be so comforting.
3. Practice Positive Affirmations - I will do a post on this soon!
4. Talk to someone whether it be a friend, sibling or mentor about the feelings you have. Just talking to someone puts life in a better perspective.
5. Surround yourself with positive people!
Ashley Marie

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Confidence Box - A DIY tutorial

Ready for a DIY tutorial to get crafty and creative?
Let's make a A Confidence box!

What is a confidence box you ask?

This is a box to have on hand for the times you are feeling down. 
It is a box that makes YOU happy. It is an instant self-esteem booster!
It is a box that reminds you to shine, even when you don't feel like it.

You can do whatever you want with this box... IT IS YOURS! Be Creative!

Step 1: Find a Box - You can use a shoe box, a cereal box, an organizing box and guess what? It doesn't even have to be a box. It could be a container of any shape or size you wanted!

Step 2: Decorate it - Be creative! Use stickers, washi tape, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, gems, stamps, pictures, words from cut up magazines, your own handwriting and doodling. Let your imagination run wild!

Step 3: Fill it with things you love - Put things in there that make you HAPPY! Things that would make you feel confident and smile if you saw them. 

IDEAS: Your favorite dvds, a picture of you that makes you happy to see, kind notes people have written, words that mean something to you, a cd, your favorite treat, a list of your favorite things, an old journal that has good memories in it, a coloring book, even play-dough.

Step 4: Keep it in a safe place - You can keep it in your closet, display it on a book shelf, store it under your bed - - seriously anywhere that little heart of yours desires. 

For the record this is what I used for mine:

1. A Victoria Secret box - a box that had padding in it 
(this is what a pageant girl just has lying around)

2. I used gems, stickers, pictures of me and glitter tape.

3. I put my pageant sash in it, a pageant picture of me, kind notes that I received my senior year in seminary, definitions of my favorite words (such as princess), play dough (pink of course)

4. I display mine on my pink book shelf, it is in a spot that is easily accessible and just looking at it makes me happy.

My mission for this blog is to help girls feel of worth and develop that potential that lies with in them. 

Therefore this box is especially perfect for girls who 
struggle with self-harm or eating disorders - use this box as your distraction box.
This box can be your safe-haven and can help you through your struggle.

If this is the case here are some other things you can put in the box:
- Bubble wrap, a stress ball and play dough can have an extreme calming effect.
- A blanket and a stuffed animal can be very comforting and help you feel secure and not alone.
- A notebook and fun pens to write down your feelings. Sometimes getting your feelings out on paper helps tons and suddenly you are okay again.
- Photos from before your struggle - you can reflect on these are remember those happy moments. It may help to think to yourself that you absolutely CAN get well and you can relive those memories again.
- A list of reasons why you want to overcome these struggles and get on with life.
Examples: more time with friends, so you can help others, less stress, confidence.
- A list of goals and dreams - focus on all the possibilities the future holds for you!
- A picture of a role model (perhaps someone who has gone through what you have been through and came out stronger than ever - a good example of this is Kirsten Haglund Miss America 2008. Kirsten struggled with eating disorders, overcame it and started a foundation to help other girls just like her fight this battle.)
- A list of friends or contacts that you can count on. People that you can call and they will be there to support you and encourage you and cheer you up.
- Awards or accomplishments. Like girl scout patches, sports trophies or even a test with an A on it!

You are in control of your thoughts and actions - 

Be the girl you dream of becoming!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My confessions of sometimes...

I know I just wrote a blog about being positive but I also believe in being real.
I never let people into my heart... I am really good at keeping everything in.
I want to be relate-able so I am writing this post to share the stuff I rarely share.

Sometimes I feel like I have the absolutest hardest time making friends because I am kind of 
an introvert and man oh man do I want to change that. I definitely am good at making connections, but not friendships that last a long time and that has always been one of my hardest battles.

Sometimes I feel taken advantage of by people that I invest every bit of effort in but they never give me the time of day unless it is benefiting them.

Sometimes I struggle to say No. I have this fear of people not liking or accepting me so I say yes to be a people pleaser. Even if I just don't have the time to give.

Sometimes I am surprised at the life I am living as it is SO DIFFERENT than I had planned out for myself.

Sometimes all I need is a friend to grab frozen yogurt with.

Sometimes I let my fears take over the life I really wish I was living.

Sometimes I think way too much about the future.

Sometimes I have a hard time facing the fact that 40 different judges didn't believe I was meant to be a title holder.

Sometimes I wish I would have prioritized my life a little better.

Sometimes shopping can fix everything in the world for that small moment.

Sometimes I get caught up in the little details that don't matter one bit.

Sometimes I feel so blessed to have the life that I do.

Sometimes God reminds me of the plans he has in store for me and I feel unstoppable with him on my team.

Shake it off... AND STEP UP!

I was listening to some Mary Kay seminar speeches in my car this morning 
(these are absolutely phenomenal!)
I think the main reason I love Mary Kay so much is for all the 
inspiration and motivation.


So on one of the speeches, Pat Fortenberry shared the most inspiring story. 
I wanted to share it with you.

Once upon a time there was a Mule. This mule fell into a really deep hole one day and the owner had no idea how to get him out of there. It was so old and was having trouble walking so the owner decided he was going to bury the mule. The owner went and got a few of his friends to help him bury the mule. They started to shovel dirt on front of the mule. After two scoops of dirt they heard a weird noise, so they stopped. They had no idea what this noise was. They would shovel some dirt on the mule and then would hear a funny noise, they repeated this several times. Finally after several scoops of dirt they started to see the Mule. They then figured out that every time they had put dirt on the mule, he would shake it off and then step up, shake it off and step up!

 I loved this story so much because it relates to everyday life.
I feel like obstacles are hard to shake off but provide us stepping stones that we
NEEDED to get to our next destination. 

I have been really watching how things are playing out in my
own little life lately, and IT IS INCREDIBLE! 
I feel everything that has been put in my path has a reason and a purpose!
I may not be the story writer but I think it is even more rewarding 
to be Hollywood actress of my own world.

Life is good...

When you don't get the job you have been hoping for... what are you going to do?


When you get in a fight with a friend.... what are you going to do?


When someone cuts you off...what are you going to do?


When the day seems to be crazier than you had planned out....what are you going to do?


"Use your daily setbacks to give you the stepping stone you need
for an incredible destiny"
- Ashley Frederickson

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Positive thinking takes practice

So I should of had this post done like 3 weeks ago... oops! (And the pictures aren't here that I wanted to include... maybe I will add them later!)

One of my bestie blog friends Brooklyn from This Little Blonde, sent out a challenge and a cute bracelet to inspire some of her twitter followers to snap out of negative thinking. It was hard. I am a happy girl and I love my life but I have some negative thoughts floating around.

This was an interesting challenge because she asked us to speak only positive things and take notes often of things we were saying. I'm a communications major - and everything you do is speaking volumes to others. So for me this was about everything from body language to thoughts to words.

My First thoughts when presented this challenge:

I was scared. I didn't know if I could complete the challenge. I kept thinking, if only I had more time to prepare for this challenge. I could fix this and this and this in my life and then I could do this. I was afraid I would be a total failure because of the daily challenges that I put in my mind.


I would get frustrated in my mind about little things that didn't matter. 

For example one day I went through Kneaders drive through for my mid day smoothie. I waited in line for 20 minutes, then they got the wrong order. I was so frustrated and drove away thinking my day is ruined, this isn't fair. 

I started to notice that I had this picture in my mind of how I expected anything and everything to go. Everything in my mind was fairy-tales and castles but when things didn't go as planned or someone through off my beat, I got frustrated and annoyed and then for the next several minutes everything was negative. - Sounds horrible right? I know. I'm just THANKFUL that I started to realize this cycle that was taking over my mind. I had never evaluated it in that way before. This experience shed light into what I think about and gave me hope to change.

Lessons learned:
Remember how I said "If only I could fix things in my life first, then I could complete the challenge"? Well HELLO, wake up call to me... the secret to happiness and positive thinking comes from thinking positively about your problems. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A PROBLEM! Knowing that life is full of problems and challenges really used to get me down. It actually used to make me depressed. But now I look at it like I am the warrior. I am the hero of my own battles and the only way to get through them while still being happy is having an optimistic outside. There is good in EVERYTHING...even if it is hard to see, it is there! Challenges in life are the stepping stones that take me to self improvement and a more strong and courageous daughter of God.

Life was never meant to be perfect. We dream about perfection...probably a lot more than is really healthy for us. But I believe we dream of perfection because we don't know what it is. We will never know what it is on this earth life. If things were perfect, we probably wouldn't even notice and if we did notice, we would probably get really bored of it and find life so pointless we wouldn't be motivated to do anything at all.

Tips to think positively:

1. You are exactly where God wants you to be right now. Weather it is what you had planned for your life or not, it is part of his plan. You are where you are to either learn and grow or to help someone else. I truly truly believe this. You are where you are at this point in your life with a PURPOSE!

2. Live TODAY! Happiness isn't something that comes when you figure out life and get everything in balance. It's about choosing to be happy because today you are alive which means you have not completed your purpose here on earth! Today is the day to be happy. If you keep waiting for happiness, it will never come.

3. Sometimes we get unhappy dwelling on things that are completely out of our control. Stop worrying about the things you can't change! But do take control of the things you CAN control.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Old Navy and Crowdtap are AMAZING!!!

I just want to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to Crowdtap and Old Navy 
for the opportunity at a random act of kindness.

First of all if you haven't heard of Crowdtap - it is an amazing site 
that lets you share your opinons about different brands.

Now I LOVE Old Navy - I find the cutest items there!
They just happen to be cheap and stylish... bonus :)

So Crowdtap sent me these coupons in the mail. 
They say "Get one FREE active top and one FREE active bottom".
It came with two of them!! It was supposed to be one for you and one for your friend.
Well I have two best friends and I couldn't choose.
And I have lots of workout clothing that I have already purchased from
Old Navy, so I thought... what a great opportunity to share a little love 
and kindness to my two best friends. They just happen to be my mom and my sister.

This is my mom! My beautiful and inspiring best friend.
 After trying a few different outfits on...
we found one that she fell in love with!
We quickly learned that the key to feeling motivated to working out,
if finding an outfit that you feel completely empowered in!

We have big plans to hit the trails, ride our bikes, and prepare for a 5K.
My mom is now ready and motivated to take back her life and
get in shape so she can feel better on a daily basis.

Old Navy is so innovative and creative! 
I had to capture a picture of the dressing rooms while we were there.
I love all that Old Navy has to offer.

This is my sister, Abigail.
We found her the perfect outfit after trying on a few.
We knew this was the one when she suddenly had
a smile of motivation and confidence written all over her.
Is my sister gorgeous or what??

                                                        I am so excited to work out with these 
                                                   gorgeous and inspiring ladies this summer. 
                                                     This is going to be a life changing summer
                                               as we all own up to the girls we were meant to be.

                                                 Thank you SO MUCH Old Navy for giving my
                                                 family $80 worth of workout clothing to better 
                                           our lives and motivate us to take care of our bodies.

                                         I had fun trying on clothes with them but I was so grateful
                                          I could pass the coupons on to the girls I love the most!