Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trust in God's timing

This week I have been so caught up with the girl that I am trying to become.
I keep thinking I should be more organized by now or I should be completely
 independent or I should be serving more or why I am struggling with faith when it is 
something I have known all my life.

 I think I just get too caught up in the things that aren't working out when Heavenly Fathers timing really is perfect and my life is right on track with the lessons I need to be learning and
the plans that Heavenly Father has for me. 
I am so guilty trying to move ahead when it isn't what is supposed to be happening at 
that moment.

I want to be the best Ashley I can possibly become! And with God's help and his timing I can.
Faith and patience is the absolute best principles I can possibly live by this week.

I love reflecting on Sunday about how my week went and ways I
can better myself, my life, my faith and everything
around me. I love self improvement and I feel Sunday's 
are the perfect day to stop and think about where I am in my life.

What have you reflected about this Sunday?

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  1. I love this so much. Sometimes it's really hard to stay focused on the now and be okay with God's timing. But you're completely right, his timing is always the best and always perfect! Love you!


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