Friday, May 10, 2013

Ready for Love - Episode 3 Dating Advice

Okay are you ready for dating advice from episode # 3?
I'm really LOVING all this dating advice!

Advice from Tracy McMillian:
 You can't really connect with somebody until they have seen your flaws!

When somebody says something positive about you, you respond with yes, thank you and I'm willing to embrace even more!

Advice from Matt Hussey: 
If you don't get the reaction that you want, become more positive, don't shut down.

Touch is one thing you can use for connection, like a simple touch on the elbow or spine of the back.

When he shows you that he would be uncomfortable with something, be willing to compromise. If you don't communicate that you will compromise, he is thinking what else am I going to have to give up?

You can have your excuses or you can have the guy but you can't have both!

There is nothing sexier than a sense of certainty.

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