Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dating Advice from Ready for Love - Episode 2

Have you guys heard of the TV show 'Ready for Love'?
It premiered on NBC but now only plays online on hulu.com.

I am IN LOVE with it!
So I have a confession to make - I have NEVER EVER seen the bachelor. Like EVER. 
So I can't tell you how this compares to it.
But what I can say about this show is that I LOVE the guys - they are such good good guys! 
Family is important to them. They give back. They are hard working!

What I also LOVE about the show is getting such great dating advice for free!
It's incredible advice too! 
So I am going to start posting the advice I take away from every episode. 
I want it written down and figured you guys might not mind to receive it as well!

I am going to be playing catch up on all the episodes that have been on up until this point.  
(And I'm sorry but I am skipping Episode #1 for now)

 Episode #2 where we meet Ernesto and Ben:

(It is SO EASY to fall for these guys - they have their lives so put together.) 
I am really in love with Ernesto because of his passion for making the world a better place
and his love for having a strong family!
Ernesto and I could serve together all day long together and I wouldn't mind one bit.

Advice from Matt Hussey: 

What makes a girl attractive is her standards
Standards are what makes you a strong, confident and happy girl!

Guys gravitate to women that make them feel like men! - If a guy offers you his jacket when it is cold outside and you say no because you are thinking you don't want him to be cold, he feels diminished as a man, just take the jacket!

99% of people allow the quality of their lives to be determined by the thoughts of others - NEVER EVER EVER be one of those people!

When a guy figures out a rubix cube, he puts it down. He wants something endearing for a lifetime.

Men value what they earn! You don't want to focus so much on proving yourself that you don't give him a chance to prove himself to you.

You can't go to a bad attitude when something awkward happens or he is going to think, I have to put up with this for the rest of my life every time something awkward happens.

Advice from Amber Kelleher-Andrews: 

You are YOUR brand - discover it and work on it!

Advice from Tracy McMillian: 

You aren't available for a connection when you are constantly  thinking about how you are presenting yourself, what to say and what he is thinking.
Be in the moment!

 Be vulnerable! Practice being in that emotional vulnerable energy.

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