Thursday, April 18, 2013

Styles that I am loving

Spring shopping sounds so delightful to me! 

Here are some styles that I am loving lately:

How stunning right?
It is simple, springy and modest.
 My heart and found it's match!

I am loving this for a pageant interview.
So all you pageant girls out there, this is a great find 
to snag on up!

This color would look stunning on basically anyone!
It is my absolute favorite color to wear!
I want this dress for public speaking, 
ahh it is oh so perfect!

I LOVE this trendy office look! 
It is so in style but yet classic.
I was worried that it was a bit too short,
but good news, the skirt comes separate which means you 
can wear it at the length you feel comfortable with.

So I love dresses! I love business dresses!

Dresses that I can make a presentation in but still look 

very professional!

What is your favorite designer for dresses?

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