Monday, April 29, 2013

Linda Designs 4U - Inspiring jewelry shop


Have you heard about this inspiring teen?

This is Linda, a 17-year old cancer survivor and difference maker!  While undergoing chemo
treatments, her mom would bring her beads to make jewelry. This kept her spirits lifted
as she loved jewelry! One day a nurse asked to buy a pair of her earrings
and soon others started to do the same. This was just the begging of opening her
jewelry designing business Linda Designs 4U

A portion of all her proceeds go to help those in foster care who are fighting cancer.

Go watch a video about it HERE.

Stories like this touch my heart. I can't imagine the hard battle that they have
fought. But what seems to stick out the most is the kind charitable heart that this
girl has and an optimistic attitude that is just contagious.

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