Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25th - Pay it Forward day

April 25th is special for two reasons:

1. Miss Congeniality

I LOVE this movie. The first time I saw this movie, I believe I was 12 years old.
I was having a sleepover with Elise Frederickson, because in the morning
we would be leaving for Denver, Colorado to watch my
Aunt and Uncle get  married. 

Little did I know 6 years later, I would be competing in pageants.

Enjoy this perfect date! It's beautiful outside today! :)

Now the second reason April 25th is special.

2. It is Pay it Forward day

My friend Stacey Hansen taught me to think of Pay it Forward like PAY IT 4WARD!

Go out and serve someone that you think needs a little extra love in their life or you can even serve all 4 different type of people.

That is what i will be doing! I can't wait to use my Power of One to hopefully change days and people and start a ripple effect. I will report back to you and I hope you will do the same!

Go HERE to print off free pay it forward cards!

And you can check out the Payit4ward program HERE!

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