Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Robin Roberts came back on Good Morning America today!
She is SUCH AN INSPIRATION, I just had to share my thoughts about her!

Robin Roberts is so positive, so strong and so motivational!

Robin beat breast cancer in 2008. 
In August of 2012, Robin was diagnosed with MDS, (myelodysplastic syndrome) which is a 
rare blood disorder. She needed to have a bone marrow transplant. 
Robin's sister was a match and became her donor, however the National Bone Marrow
Donor Program received a 1,800% spike in donors the day Robin announced publicly about 
her illness.

This woman is a fighter, she is a rock, she is AMAZING!
She always has a smile on her face.
She is so kind and gracious.
She is so optimistic and can see the good in anything and everything!

Robin Roberts, welcome home and thank you for helping me see life in a new but inspiring light. 

If you love her as much as I do or want to get to know her better, pick up the current issue 
of people magazine. Her story is in there and what a great way for us to show support to her! :)

Mandisa came on Good Morning America today and sang her song "stronger".

If you missed it, listen to the song now! :)

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