Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Popularity - 6 steps to being popular

Liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group. 

If you have a desire to be popular and it is with good intentions to create a positive change in this world and be someone of influence, then here are the secrets:

1. Be nice to everyone 
Kindness goes REALLY far. 
Everyone wants to be around people that make them feel important. 
Be Friendly - say hi to everyone. 
Focus on others instead of yourself!
Give sincere compliments - 
especially ones that are about inside beauty.
Talk about others to your friends and everyone you see - 
(Example: "That Maddi girl, she is SO fun to be around and she is really smart too, 
I think we should have a homework study group with her sometime.")

2. No Gossiping
 People trust you more when you don't gossip.

When I hear someone gossip to me about someone else,
I don't like to hang around them for two reasons.
1) Gossip drains me. It takes so much energy and happiness out of me 
because it is all so negative.
2) It scares me to be their friend because if they have all this negative 
stuff to say about others, I just wonder what they say behind my
back when I am not around.

3. Be YOU!! 
Imagine if everyone that was popular at your school was exactly the same. 
That just wouldn't happen would it?
There would be no point to the popularity thing.
Stay true to the activities that YOU enjoy. 
Wear colors YOU like to wear!
Style the hair the way YOU think is pretty.
Journal often to get to know yourself better and 
to help you stay true to your beliefs.

4. Don't loose yourself by trying to fit in.
It doesn't matter what others think of you because not
everyone is going to approve of you all the time.
There is opposition in all things NO MATTER WHAT!
So choose your standards and STICK BY THEM.
You will become popular by being a role model of good values.
You gain respect and what can be better than that?
Be careful who you take under your wing as a service project,
you can often loose sight of your goal and forget the real you!

5. Care about your school work
You are more confident when you are getting good grades
 and doing well in school work.
People want to be around others who are successful because 
that success is often rubbed off from one to another
(hence the term rubbing elbows)
Your peers are going to take you more seriously when they 
see how much you love to excel in class.

6. Be optimistic
People are more easily drawn to others that have a happy optimistic attitude.
When you see good in everything, 
you can help lift others up and people start becoming magnetized to you.
Your outlook on life affects your mood and your future.
Think about it, you never get tired of someone who can 
help you see the good in a bad situation!

Secretly I always wanted to be popular. 
I don't know why, maybe it was a stamp of approval from the student body.
I wanted people to know my name.
I wanted to be well known.
I would constantly stalk my high school year books and I would
look at the girls who were one to two years older than me.
I would pick out the girls who were popular, they looked liked they were living 
a pretty good life, so I decided I wanted to be them.
I would look at what clubs they were in or what after school activities they were 
apart of and then I would do exactly what they did the following year.
I thought this was the secret to popularity, to follow in someone else's footsteps.
Boy was I wrong. Surprisingly enough it didn't work out the way I had hoped.

I joined Bell Choir because Sky Hansen was in bell choir when she was a senior.
I tried out for M.A.G. (Murray Association of Girls) because that is
where all the popular girls were from.
I had a plan to join seminary council because Mandi was popular 
and that's what she did. 
I did all these things because that is what I thought it took to 
become popular.
Well it didn't work the way I thought but the good thing
that came out from this experiment was I got to know myself better.
I got to know what I like and  what I don't like.

I was trying so hard to fit into someone else's mold,
which I CAN'T do.
Heavenly Father did not create me to be someone else's
shadow, he wants me to ME AND JUST ME!

I wanted to be popular for all the wrong reasons. 
It took till after High School to learn this lesson.

If you want to be popular, then have a desire to be popular for the right reasons.
Have a desire to use your popularity for good.
Use your popularity to make others feel loved and accepted.
Popularity can be used to build others confidence, which is what so many of
the girls at my high school did to me.
Don't let clothes, and brand names, and cliques and makeup and music and entertainment
and all of those earthly things that seriously don't matter, get in the way of what really matters.

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  1. I love this. You are SO right. I think it's super easy to see other people who are happy and want to copy them so you can also be happy.

    Also, this reminds me, I met a girl who knows you from high school the other day, but I can't remember her name. So, that's not helpful at all.


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