Monday, February 25, 2013

People Water - - #H2O

Want to know my BIGGEST health secret? 

It is H2O!!!

You hear it everywhere! But BELIEVE it!

Water is SO VALUABLE! 

It is good for your skin!

It is good for your kidneys!

It is good for managing your weight!

It is good for your immune system!

It is good for your entire body!

The easiest way to be sure you are getting enough water is to only drink water throughout the day!
Carry a water bottle with you at all times throughout the day and drink it constantly! 
Drink it when you don't feel like drinking it!

If drinking water is hard for you - add a little lemon juice to it 
or add a sweetener like Stevia (it doesn't have all those harmful chemicals in it.)

The best tasting water I have found is PEOPLE WATER!
And when you drink it, you are GIVING BACK to a good cause!

I feel up this water bottle 5 times a day and I mark the bottle by with times, so I know how much I should have drank by 10am, noon, 3pm and so on!
This allows me to make sure I am getting enough water throughout the day!

So here is 5 Reasons why you should purchase People Water:

1. People Water is a non profit organization that matches your purchase, drop for drop
to give clean water where it is needed most.

2. It is 100% natural... it is BPA free, it is Flouride free and it is PH balanced.

3. For every bottle you purchase, they give an equal amount of clean water to a person 
in need. - You can even scan the QR code on the bottle to track where your water is going!

4. It is a Utah Based Company

5. AND it was started by Jef Holmes, the guy who stole the heart of Emily Maynard on
 'The Bachlorette' in season 8, how cool is that? 
(Sadly though they aren't together anymore.)

The two places I have found People Water to be sold is at 

Great Harvest in Taylorsville
OR at Whole Foods... but Seriously go get some!

P.S. I was not asked to write this post nor was I compensated for it. 
All opinions are mine and I wrote this post on my own free will... that is how much I love People Water!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happiness Heart Challenge

Happiness Heart Challenge

While it is still the "HEART" month, I thought it would be fun to show you a cute service project. 
It is an ongoing way to pay it forward!

1. Cut out paper construction hearts - either free hand them OR use your Cricut or use your Silhouette.

2. Find a cute bag or something that you can keep these hearts in and carry them with 
you all the time! I keep them in my (make a difference on the go bag ... but more on that later.)

3. Go out and SERVE! - 

  • Make the bed of someone in your family
  • Leave a gracious tip for a sweet waitress
  • Do a chore you are not expected to do
  • Buy your roommate their favorite candy bar and leave it
  • Scrape the ice off of someone's car
  • Leave a coupon you won't use by that item in the grocery store
4. Write a sweet note on the heart and sign it! Leave the punched heart on top of 
the act of service your performed.

5. Take a moment to reflect how it feels to make someone feel loved and appreciated!
{When you reflect on moments like this - it is an instant mood booster. But also the more you remember about the experience, the more motivation you will have to do it all over again! :)

The Challenge:  Do this EVERY SINGLE DAY! 
Make it your goal to help one person every single day. 
You can seriously CHANGE THE WORLD!
Your service brings HOPE, INSPIRATION, LOVE, KINDNESS, FRIENDSHIP, UNITY and so much more! Be the change you wish to see in the world by a very simple project!

Take pictures of your service projects and post them on twitter and instagram
Use #happinessheartchallenge on twitter & Instagram 
I can't wait to see the service and creativity you have to offer! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Inspiring Teen - Talia Castellano

I stumbled across this youtube clip the other night and

Talia Castellano is a 13 year old girl with two types of cancer and
 she is the most optimistic girl you will ever meet! :)

She does youtube videos about makeup tutorials and just her life!
Every single video of hers will inspire you to be a 
better person and just be happy with life!

Go watch her, and she SO DESERVES THE SUBSCRIBE!

Cover Girl also named her the honorary 
face of their cosmetic line.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Robin Roberts came back on Good Morning America today!
She is SUCH AN INSPIRATION, I just had to share my thoughts about her!

Robin Roberts is so positive, so strong and so motivational!

Robin beat breast cancer in 2008. 
In August of 2012, Robin was diagnosed with MDS, (myelodysplastic syndrome) which is a 
rare blood disorder. She needed to have a bone marrow transplant. 
Robin's sister was a match and became her donor, however the National Bone Marrow
Donor Program received a 1,800% spike in donors the day Robin announced publicly about 
her illness.

This woman is a fighter, she is a rock, she is AMAZING!
She always has a smile on her face.
She is so kind and gracious.
She is so optimistic and can see the good in anything and everything!

Robin Roberts, welcome home and thank you for helping me see life in a new but inspiring light. 

If you love her as much as I do or want to get to know her better, pick up the current issue 
of people magazine. Her story is in there and what a great way for us to show support to her! :)

Mandisa came on Good Morning America today and sang her song "stronger".

If you missed it, listen to the song now! :)

Dear Ashley Marie

{I have been slacking on this the past two weeks but it is back!}

I am so excited because many of these questions will be coming from my Jr. High and High School girls from Girl Talk, but more about that later! :)

Dear Ashley Marie,

My sister and I never seem to get along. We fight all the time about the stupidest little things. I hate it. I wish I knew what to do because it is making me really sad and dreading going home everyday. Do you have any advice of what I can do to help our relationship, we used to be such good friends.
The girl striving for peace

Dear girl striving for peace,
Sibling relationships can be hard can't they? I'm so sorry that you and your sister are at the age where there is so much contention but hopefully you can feel a little comfort in the fact that this is so normal. I remember being in High School and my sister would still EVERYTHING of mine. She would take my clothes, my makeup, my pens, my hidden candy, everything. As hard as this was for me, I learned to be patient. I know that probably isn't the answer you are looking for but patience really is a virtue. Be patient with kindness and love to her. Try and serve her every opportunity you get. This is going to be SO HARD, it is going to take so much humility from you but I promise it will be so worth it in the end. Also maybe start writing her notes about how you feel and how you would like to get along, this may be an eye opener for her.
I wish you the very best of luck in your journey to love your sister.
Love, Ashley Marie

Dear Ashley Marie,
I get the worst chapped lips in the winter. They peel and crack like crazy. It hurts and it is not pretty. Do you have any tricks or know of anything that will solve this problem.

Dear Kate,
The winter is pretty brutal on our skin and lips. I have tried many many products for this such as Vaseline  Burt's bees, lip repair, etc. While I have found a little bit of comfort and relief from these products my most favorite product for this problem is definitely Satin Lips

Satin Lips is from Mary Kay. Now I am not just recommending this product because I am a beauty consultant for Mary Kay, I truly have such a strong love for this product and this is why.

It comes as a set - - 
Step 1: which is the lip mask that exfoliates your lips..

Effectively exfoliates 
dead surface skin cells 
that cause lips to appear dull 
and lifeless!

Step 2: which is the lip balm. This lip balm is so light but heals your lips within 5 minutes no matter how dry and chapped they are.

Clinical results show that a single 
application of Satin Lips Lip Balm 
moisturizes the lips for at least
6 hours.

I use the lip mask twice a week (You can use it every day if you would like). 
Then I use the lip balm like 3 times a day. It is incredible! 
The best part is putting it on right before bed and waking up to smooth, soft, luxurious lips.

Buy the set here!

Dear Ashley Marie,
I want to be a runner but I can barely run a block without getting side cramps and having to rest. Why is that and any suggestions to help me prepare for a 5K?

Good for you for having the desire to get in shape and go running. Running is such a stress buster. It is a great health, body and mind. Start running every day, make it a habit and stay dedicated! Run as far as you can then push yourself a tiny bit farther still running. Then take a rest by walking. Walk as long as you need until your side cramps subside then start running again. You will want to do this at least 5 times a day. If you stay consistent with it, you will start to notice that you can run a farther distance each and every time.

What you are eating also plays a huge role in your energy level and whether you will get side cramps or not. You will want to eat lots of protein on a daily basis, ideally 1 gram for every pound you currently weigh, if you want to gain weight - - eat 1 gram for every pound you WANT to weigh. Also a very light but nutritious snack will help before you go running. Eat something like a banana or an apple or a protein bar 30 min. to an hour before you go running. And don't forget water, drink TONS during, before and after your run!

Since you are planning for a 5K, you will want to start this routine at least 3 months before the big day! Good luck and I hope to be there cheering you on! :)
Ashley Marie

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Popularity - 6 steps to being popular

Liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group. 

If you have a desire to be popular and it is with good intentions to create a positive change in this world and be someone of influence, then here are the secrets:

1. Be nice to everyone 
Kindness goes REALLY far. 
Everyone wants to be around people that make them feel important. 
Be Friendly - say hi to everyone. 
Focus on others instead of yourself!
Give sincere compliments - 
especially ones that are about inside beauty.
Talk about others to your friends and everyone you see - 
(Example: "That Maddi girl, she is SO fun to be around and she is really smart too, 
I think we should have a homework study group with her sometime.")

2. No Gossiping
 People trust you more when you don't gossip.

When I hear someone gossip to me about someone else,
I don't like to hang around them for two reasons.
1) Gossip drains me. It takes so much energy and happiness out of me 
because it is all so negative.
2) It scares me to be their friend because if they have all this negative 
stuff to say about others, I just wonder what they say behind my
back when I am not around.

3. Be YOU!! 
Imagine if everyone that was popular at your school was exactly the same. 
That just wouldn't happen would it?
There would be no point to the popularity thing.
Stay true to the activities that YOU enjoy. 
Wear colors YOU like to wear!
Style the hair the way YOU think is pretty.
Journal often to get to know yourself better and 
to help you stay true to your beliefs.

4. Don't loose yourself by trying to fit in.
It doesn't matter what others think of you because not
everyone is going to approve of you all the time.
There is opposition in all things NO MATTER WHAT!
So choose your standards and STICK BY THEM.
You will become popular by being a role model of good values.
You gain respect and what can be better than that?
Be careful who you take under your wing as a service project,
you can often loose sight of your goal and forget the real you!

5. Care about your school work
You are more confident when you are getting good grades
 and doing well in school work.
People want to be around others who are successful because 
that success is often rubbed off from one to another
(hence the term rubbing elbows)
Your peers are going to take you more seriously when they 
see how much you love to excel in class.

6. Be optimistic
People are more easily drawn to others that have a happy optimistic attitude.
When you see good in everything, 
you can help lift others up and people start becoming magnetized to you.
Your outlook on life affects your mood and your future.
Think about it, you never get tired of someone who can 
help you see the good in a bad situation!

Secretly I always wanted to be popular. 
I don't know why, maybe it was a stamp of approval from the student body.
I wanted people to know my name.
I wanted to be well known.
I would constantly stalk my high school year books and I would
look at the girls who were one to two years older than me.
I would pick out the girls who were popular, they looked liked they were living 
a pretty good life, so I decided I wanted to be them.
I would look at what clubs they were in or what after school activities they were 
apart of and then I would do exactly what they did the following year.
I thought this was the secret to popularity, to follow in someone else's footsteps.
Boy was I wrong. Surprisingly enough it didn't work out the way I had hoped.

I joined Bell Choir because Sky Hansen was in bell choir when she was a senior.
I tried out for M.A.G. (Murray Association of Girls) because that is
where all the popular girls were from.
I had a plan to join seminary council because Mandi was popular 
and that's what she did. 
I did all these things because that is what I thought it took to 
become popular.
Well it didn't work the way I thought but the good thing
that came out from this experiment was I got to know myself better.
I got to know what I like and  what I don't like.

I was trying so hard to fit into someone else's mold,
which I CAN'T do.
Heavenly Father did not create me to be someone else's
shadow, he wants me to ME AND JUST ME!

I wanted to be popular for all the wrong reasons. 
It took till after High School to learn this lesson.

If you want to be popular, then have a desire to be popular for the right reasons.
Have a desire to use your popularity for good.
Use your popularity to make others feel loved and accepted.
Popularity can be used to build others confidence, which is what so many of
the girls at my high school did to me.
Don't let clothes, and brand names, and cliques and makeup and music and entertainment
and all of those earthly things that seriously don't matter, get in the way of what really matters.