Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Self Esteem Advice Column

It is time for Ashley Marie's Self Esteem Advice Column again

AKA "Ask Ashley Marie"

I will be answering 3 questions from our readers today.

Dear Ashley Marie,

My hair is so fine and flat, I feel like it is plain Jane. I am 

constantly looking at all the other girls at school and wish 

my hair was as pretty as theirs. What can I do to feel 

confident about my own locks and do to add volume to it?


Always Plain Jane

First things first, I am sure your hair is beautiful. Let's start with a little exercise  Go look in the mirror and write down 3 things that you like about your hair. Is it easy to manage? Do you like the color? Do you like the length? Do you like the way it flows as you walk? Write down 3 things you like about it in your journal. Now to add volume to your hair there are many different products out there. When looking for a shampoo find one that says "volume" on the front. This will start to add some life to your hair and you will notice a difference. Now you have to be careful because volume shampoo can be very drying to your pretty locks so you may want to try a moisturizing conditioner. (you can even add a little olive oil to it) This will ensure your hair doesn't get dry and frizzy, especially since it is winter. Another great thing to try is to put your hair up in a high bun when you sleep. When you wake up it should have some pretty waves and kinks in it. This will make it easier to curl your hair in the morning or it will add volume as you straighten it.

Dear Ashley Marie,

I want to eat healthy and take care of my body but I am so 

busy since I am in the school play and we have practices 

after school. I feel like I never have time to exercise and it 

is too hard to eat healthy since I only get a chance to snack

at odd times during the day. Help!

Love, Sarah P.

Props to you for having the desire to take care of your body. Your body does so much for you and it the least you could do to take care of it. There are lots of simple ways you can take care of your body while being on the go all the time. First make sure you have a water bottle with you always. Water is so vital and making sure you get enough is extremely important. Replace soda and all those sugary drinks for water. Second start packing healthy snacks. Fruits and some vegetables are super easy to take on the go. You can eat a banana anywhere! Other healthy food snacks would include protein bars, raisins, nuts, plain popcorn, string cheese, etc. As for the working out part be sure to take the stairs everywhere you go. You can also do some yoga or simple exercises in your bedroom before you even head out for school. Best of luck!

Dear Ashley Marie,

I always feel left out. No matter what I do I always feel like

the 3rd wheel when I am with my two best friends. They

always leave me out of conversations and everything else 

they do. I hate it. How can I fit in better with them?

Sincerely, The outcasted girl

Believe it or not this is a common one. This actually happened to me TONS all the way from Elementary School through High School. I was shy and didn't make a whole lot of effort to go out side my bubble, I have learned a lot since then. It may be best to first hang out with each of them one on one, then you can feel connected with both of them on a level you probably haven't felt for awhile. While you have some alone time with them, bring up the fact that you feel left out and wish there was a way you could all feel included. I am sure they will be very understanding and now that they both know they will each do different things to include you more if they are real true friends. One of the most important things you have to remember about friendship though is you have to be a friend to have one. This doesn't just mean being nice and caring although these are important factors. It also means reaching out to them. Even though it seems a lot easier to have others come to you first, sometimes you HAVE to go out of your way and seek others first. This is hard, trust me but if you don't reach out you can't expect others to do all the hard them half way! 

I also have one more idea so you don't feel like the third wheel! I am sure there are several girls that go to your school that often feel alone or feel like they don't have any friends. Seek those girls out and make a friend, then you can bring that girl into your group. I am sure your friends will be very accepting of her and you can hang out as a group sometimes and sometimes you can do things with this the two of you. This way you are helping others just like you while helping yourself... it is a win-win!

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