Thursday, January 17, 2013

My business in the making...

It's official...WAHOO.

I am so excited about my launch of my new website.
I still plan on blogging lots on this little blog of mine
but my website is the source to learn more about me 
and my business in the making.

It's my website for pageant coaching,
self-esteem consulting
and my notebook shop 
and SO much more!!!

I am starting a "Ask AshleyMarie column"
that will include all sorts of self esteem advice.
You can email me at
with any questions that relate to self esteem, beauty
health, boys, friends, life choices, style, feelings,
and any other topic that relates to self-esteem.
You can be anonymous, make up a secret code name
or stay true to your skin - - it doesn't matter!
Then every Wednesday, I will answer two questions here on 
THIS blog!

I am also planning a big Mother daughter Self Esteem workshop.
Want to get involved or be apart of it in any way?
Leave a comment below.

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