Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meeting 100 People

I have been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for almost 4 years now. 
I love it for one main reason... I get to meet people.

With Ashley from the Shine Project's new challenge -- #100peopleproject I have
felt more motivated to work my Mary Kay business.

Some of you may know a lot about Mary Kay and you have your opinions and some of you
may barely know anything about Mary Kay or still think of it as your grandma's skin care brand.
Whatever the case may be, it doesn't matter...that is not the point of this post.

The point is, at first I thought Ashley's project was crazy.
Yes I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea, but just not for people like me.
People that are shy and have a hard time asking a friend for advice or a story,
let alone a stranger you met 5 minutes ago.
Man I LOVE her ideas that really get me thinking, do I have the courage to do this?

I instantly thought of my Mary Kay career and how I have been "dreaming" 
of earning a Mary Kay car.
This has been my dream for the past two years. 
The problem with this dream though is to make it happen, I need more customers
and to get customers I need to meet new people.

This has always held me back. I am completely tied up in my comfort zone.
In Mary Kay, we are trained to "warm chatter".
Warm Chattering is starting up a conversation with a stranger in the grocery store, doctors office 
or just anywhere you find yourself throughout the day.
You just strike up a conversation with them, then you ask if they are available to come 
get some pampering for free and come to a skin care class.

I love my Mary Kay business because it allows me to meet people I think I 
need in my life or people that I think need me in theirs.
I love that Mary Kay allows me to make a difference in so many
different lives.
Now I have to admit, I have only warm chattered about 5 different times
throughout my whole 4 years of being apart of Mary Kay.
But I remember each and every single one of those times I dared to go out of 
my comfort zone and talk to them.
I remember the look they gave me when I approached them.
It was like a look of humility like "thank you so much for talking with me today and making
me feel important."
Some would say yes and some would say no, but that didn't matter to me.
I just remember being changed for going out of my comfort zone and daring to talk with them.

So I started second thinking my decision to participate in #100peopleproject
What if participating in this project helped me move up in my business, gave me more confidence 
and courage, and allowed me touch more lives than I ever thought was possible.
What if there is someone who is meant to be in my life and the 
only way that will happen is if I am the one that approaches people.

In Mary Kay -- we have this poem. "Maybe she needs me"

It had been a long day, I was finishing a task,
and as I hurried past her, a little voice said, "Ask!"
"Oh, not today," I told myself, "I'm tired, and it shows.
Besides, I might look foolish, and she'd likely just say 'no.'"
While drifting off to sleep that night, I saw her face again.
I wondered what her life was like...her needs, her dreams, her pain.
What if she'd been wishing for a friendly word and smile,
a chance to know somebody who would go the extra mile?
What if she'd been waiting for a break, an open door?
Was this the opportunity that she'd been praying for?
I saw the cars she might not drive, the rings she might not wear,
because I would not risk myself to stop, to ask, to care.
So what if what I offer her is not her cup of tea?
That's a choice for HER to make. How selfish can I be?
Oh, let me live the true "go-give," and let my mission be...
not to think, "Do I need her?" but, "Maybe she needs me."

So it is official. I am going to meet 100 people. 
Because warm chattering and this project are so similar, I am going to
tie them together and share with you experiences throughout my journey.

I plan on this being a really hard thing for me to do, one that will take discipline and
courage but one that will leave me forever changed.

Are you in? Are you going to do it with me?
 Leave a comment and let me know you are on board too. 


  1. That's awesome. It really is all about courage huh? A courage I'm still not sure I have, but I'm uber excited for you that you found. Ashley from The Shine Project is just super good at this stuff, it's crazy. Awesome poem, btw. Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, yours is pretty fun too :)

  2. Hi, I am also a MK beauty consultant. I was searching this poem, & stumbled across your blog. Love it and YOU CAN DO IT!!
    So this is Sept., and you posted in Jan. I have to ask, how has it been going?
    Remember, faith and fear can't live in the same house!!!!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time out to comment and inspire me. I have not been living up to this as much as I should. You have encouraged me to step out a little bit more. I have no doubt you will accomplish absolutely everything you want to in your business and in life! Thanks for the little boost and reminder I needed oh so much! :)

  4. Hi--I came across your blog, also after searching the poem. I have been in MK for 24 years and a sales director for just 2. It is certainly a life journey. I can count on one hand the number of times I've gone out to "warm chatter," but I do talk to people and offer a facial almost every time I pay for anything! Anyway, If you don't mind some feedback, I would like to comment on your line, "I plan on this being a really hard thing for me to do, one that will take discipline and courage but one that will leave me forever changed." Yes, it will take some focus and courage and will leave you forever changed for the better. . . But why plan it to be really hard??? What you think about it, you bring about. It's a true law of nature, the law of attraction. So I would encourage you to begin visualizing daily how EASY reaching out to others can be, and how much happiness it will bring you to do so. Maybe even write it all out in glorious detail, along with the type of woman you want to attract, and read it and feel it every day. I bet you will see a difference if you practice this long enough. :-) Best to you! You can do it!


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