Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Future Husband

I have created a list of what attributes I want to find in my future husband!

The point of this list is for me to become everything on it.

If I want a guy who is everything on this list,
chances are he has a list for his future wife too!

So the goal is for me to match the list.
I shouldn't be worrying so much about who he is
as long as I am working on becoming the person I expect to find!

So read my list, steal some or steal all if you want...
then go make your own and hang it!

1. Patient - Please be patient with me. I will probably be moody or demanding at times.
 I also have OCD, I'm working on overcoming it but please be patient with me.

2. Funny - Some days I am just going to need a good laugh.
 I want to marry a guy who has a good sense of humor, I believe life
is more worthwhile when you can find humor in the every day things.

3. Honest - I expect you to tell me the truth in all that you do. I want to be honest with you
about EVERYTHING! This is the secret to a good marriage - no secrets!

4. Surprises - Going back to the whole honesty thing, I LOVE surprises!
When you surprise me, white lies are OK! :)
Read my journal for ideas on what I love and what I don't , ask my friends for surprise ideas
but surprise me often! I love a good romantic surprise!
Come home and suprise me with my favorite music, with my favorite food!

5. Integrity - Have morals and values and stick to them.
Let's live a good life together by sticking to
high standards and beliefs.
If one of us is tempted to do something, I want us to be 
dependable to each other to encourage the other to make a better decision.

6. Forgiving - Forgive me when I make a mistake. Say sorry to me first.
I think of the marrige I want to have and I
want it to be a competition for us to say sorry first.
I am stubborn. {my mom believes it's because I am a leo}
So this is going to be a hard one for me but I promise I will be working on it.

7. Motivated - Set out goals and dreams for yourself! Then do everything it 
takes to achieve. Life isn't worth living if you aren't working on a goal in life.

8. A dreamer - I am a major dreamer and I need you to dream as well.
I often find new neighborhoods to drive around in.
Neighborhoods that have gorgeous yards and inspiring views.
I go out looking for the most perfect home and I say to myself, I am going to live 
there one day. I dream of a beautiful kitchen, bathrooms that make you feel at peace
and a home that you can be pleased to live in because you worked HARD
to afford it.

9. Athletic - Now I am not athletic nor will I ever be. I don't care if you are good at 
sports or not. I just care that you find great pride in taking care of yourself.
In exercising regularly to have a healthy and fit body. 
(I wouldn't complain if you had a 6-pack)

Dear Future Husband,

Here are some side notes that you should be aware of for our proposal!

I would truly loved to be proposed at "The Roof" in the Joseph Smith building.
Have you seen it, it is BEAUTIFUL!!

I don't want the ring put in my food, please don't make me dig for a ring.
That seriously just isn't classy.

Love, Ashley

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