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Self esteem advice column

Remember this post? 
Well it's Wednesday so it's time for the first "Ask Ashley Marie".

I have 3 questions from readers today.

Dear Ashley Marie,
Sometimes I feel like I am not talented in away which then makes me feel inadequate around others. What can I do?
Love, The inadequate girl

Great question! First of we all we ALL have some sort of talent or something we are good at, I promise. But I totally understand where you are coming from, I have felt this way before many times growing up. Get out a piece of paper and number it to 10. Then write down 10 things that you are good at or that you like to do. It can be as simple as 'coloring Disney pictures' or 'being a good friend'. Once you have completed the list HANG IT - hang it somewhere where you will see it each and every day. Your mirror would be a perfect spot for this. Now read it every single morning before you walk out the door. These things that you listed are your's what makes you special and unique! Embrace it!!! I bet the girl who dancing skills you envy doesn't have all the talents you posses on your list. Hold your head high and focus on what you CAN DO and NOT on what you can't do!

Dear Ashley Marie,
What is a good product to get rid of my acne?
Love, Pimple face

Pimples are so annoying, aren't they? A couple things will help to eliminate this. First you need to establish a good skin care regimen. This means washing and moisturizing your face both morning and night. The reason you wash your face at night is because you are taking off all your makeup you wore that day as well as taking off all that dirty bacteria and grime your face has been collecting throughout the day. Sleeping with makeup on blocks your pores which therefore causes acne.You wash your face in the morning to give your skin a fresh new start throughout the day as well as washing off any drool or icky stuff that may have ended up on face from sleeping.

I can think of 4 perfect products for you that will help you to establish an excellent skin care regimen and help fight your acne.

**With these products you will want to make sure you are getting the right product for your skin type!
1 - Botanical Effects Cleanse -  Leaves skin feeling clean and balanced. 
It helps defend against environmental damage and helps promote healthy skin.

 2- Botaincal Effects Freshen - Freshens the skin leaving it clean from
any impurities that were not removed from the cleanse. 
Helps create balanced skin and pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh and pure.

3 - Botanical Effects HydrateIt helps defend against environmental 
damage and helps promote healthy skin.
It gives your skin the moisture that it needs to keep skin in balance and
prevent pores from being clogged.

4 - Acne Gel - Contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide to give your skin the treatment it needs.
It penetrates pores and eliminates most blackheads, pimples and blemishes while 
preventing new ones from forming. It is dermatologist tested.

Dear Ashley Marie,
I am so shy so it is really hard for me to make friends at my high school. I want to fit in so bad but I don't know what I would say. Is there  a way to overcome my shyness?
Love, The bashful one

Shyness is definitely something that can be overcome, it just takes practice. I want you to try an experiment. Think of someone in one of your classes that you would love to be friends with but you have been to shy to actually talk with them. Got someone in mind? Great! Now I want you to write on a piece of paper why you want to be friends with her. Do you have something in common with her? Do you like her style? Is she friendly? Does she like the same sports as you? A list of 3 reasons should do. Now what you just did was you found common ground. Usually the main reason people are shy is because they don't know what to talk about or they feel afraid of what others will think. I want you to write out the conversation you are going to have with this potential friend on a piece of paper. 
It may look something like this: "Those are such cute boots, I have been wanting some like that for awhile, where did you find them?" "Oh that is my favorite store, if I could afford it, I would shop there all the time." "You know I have admired your style for awhile now, it would be so fun if we could go to the mall sometime together and maybe you could teach me a few shopping tricks?"
It's simple and its the perfect way to make some new friends. Always be thinking of things to say and talk about with others and this will help you tons!!

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