Monday, January 21, 2013

5 Reasons a daily skin care regimen is important

1. Fight Dry Skin - A daily skin care regimen fights dry skin and keeps your skin looking clean and feeling good. No one likes dry skin because  it's itchy, it's painful and it can lead to cracking which is not healthy. No matter what skin type you have; Oily, Dry, Normal or combination - it is important to moisturize it two times a day. It does not make your skin more oily, in fact it is actually absorbing those oils and keeping your face moisturized and supple.

2. Fight Aging - We all want to look healthy and young and a skin care regimen is just the secret for this. Taking care of our skin on a daily basis with effective products can help fight aging spots and wrinkles. Proper skin care is so important for our physical appearance. 
Why does this matter you ask?

Close your eyes - Think of someone you love very very much!

What comes to mind?

I bet it was their face, am I correct?

So think of this, how do you want your loved ones to remember you?

3. It's Healthy -  Healthy & Supple skin is so important, especially in the winter. The reason we have skin is to protect our bodies insides, our skin is our largest organ and serves a very important purpose. When our skin is dry, cracked or starts to become flaky, it has a harder time being our defense and fighting off potential disease.

4. It boosts self -esteem - A daily skin care regimen can help fight rashes, acne and keeps you feeling confident all day long because you know you took the proper steps to caring for your skin.  When you put time in for yourself, don't you notice that you just feel confident and happy because you did your part for yourself?

5. Protects you from skin cancer - {Okay so this one is just relating to the use of daily sun screen} No matter how long you are out in the sun; your skin is being damaged by the sun. Even on those snowy winter days the sun can still hurt and affect you. The sun emits harmful UV rays year round which then can potentially lead to skin cancers. Sunscreen helps protect you against these UV rays and sun spots keeping you healthy and happy.

So after learning all about this, how can you not invest in a skin care regimen?

{I will be showing you 3 different types of skin care regimens from Mary Kay products soon.}

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