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10 life skills pageants teach you

Miss America will be on TOMORROW on abc.
(check your local listings to find out the time)

In honor of Miss America week I wanted to try and break some stereotypes
 about pageants and tell you
10 life skills that pageants can teach you.

Competing for Miss Murray may have been one of the greatest things I have done in my life from all the skills I was taught and the lessons I learned that have prepared me to live in this world. 

As Miss Murray 2006, Lindsey Smith says
"It is not the outcome of the pageant that changes you, it is the involvement and preparation."

It shaped me into my best self!

1. Confidence

There is nothing that builds more confidence than walking on stage in a swim suit and high heels! As you compete, you will have to start doing many things that will quickly get you out of your comfort zone. You immediately build confidence by going through the interview preparation process and the on-stage question portion of the pageant.

As you start to prepare for a pageant, you realize that you are capable of so much more than you ever thought was possible. A radiant new you begins to shine through the hard work you put in day by day.

Desiring to win a pageant and take the crown is a great dream to have! Dreams propel us to where we are meant to be. As you work hard giving everything you can to the dream that has been set in your heart, you become changed from the inside out. Having a dream creates so much confidence that can set you free and help you become who you were always meant to be. 

2. Service

Choose a platform you are SO PASSIONATE about and then tell the world to look out! 
When you choose a cause that is so dear to your heart, nothing in the world is going to stop you from serving! I have always loved service, but I didn't know how to reach 
out of my little comfort zone to make a difference. As I competed I started realizing how much I could do just in my own community, I started to touch lives and help others more than I ever dreamed of.

Pageants are the perfect outlet for you to give your whole heart to a cause or nonprofit that you believe in. You learn so much about marketing, fundraising, selflessly giving, and so much more!

I grew up loving service, but through pageants, I learned about how much I loved service in a new light and a new way. I was able to touch hearts that I had been missing without the competition. The pageant opened many doors for me to serve and it created this passion that is now forever written upon my heart!

3. Style

Thank goodness for Miss America giving me a reason to work on my outer beauty. 
While this isn't the most important part of the competition, it shows that you care about yourself and people trust people who take care about their-selves!
Also, this is another way to boost that confidence. You just feel happy and can focus on others when you dress the part of a confident girl!

It also taught me to be confident in me and my style. There is no set standard of beauty and we all have different styles. Pageants allow you to embrace who you are and your own style! Be confident in just being you!

4. Scholarship

There are so many opportunities for earning scholarship money through pageants!
Once you get past the local competition, the scholarships open up even more!
Scholarships are one of the greatest tools you can have to get you through school.
I earned a few scholarships on my journey and they were a 
tremendous blessing to me as I pay every penny for school out of my own pocket.

5. Success

Simply put, pageants give you a desire to live the most successful life you can dream of. 
They create a desire and passion within you to become successful in school, successful in a family life, and to have successful relationships. They create this passion within you to make success a reality in all areas of your life.
Pageants help you think out of your box, dream big, and give you hope that you can do the impossible!

6. Talent

Growing up, I took very little dance before my family realized we just couldn't afford it. After that, I never really had very many opportunities to develop a talent. Talents open your mind, give you purpose, and allow you to express yourself in creative ways.
I was so thankful for my competing in pageants to give me a second chance at developing a talent. I can now play the piano more than I ever thought would be possible.

Every talent takes time and dedication which wherein right there creates self-discipline that will overflow into all other areas of life! Choose a talent, work hard at it, and you have one of the biggest secrets to success in the palm of your hand.

7. Motivation

When competing in a pageant, you are working towards a goal that you are excited about! You can't help but feel motivated to do everything in your power to become your best self! Competing gave me motivation to reach my fullest potential. Preparing for a pageant gives you a reason to get out of bed every morning, you are motivated and
inspired by the dream in your heart and the competition ahead.

8. Health
Goodness, I hate to admit this one, but exercising and eating healthy wasn't always
something that came natural to me. In the pageant world, you have to work HARD no matter what body shape you have. Working out and clean eating starts to become a habit the more you practice it and understand it. Your mind and body feel so good because of the way you start caring for it. Pageants shouldn't be the only reason you choose to care for your body though! Set goals for your health and make them happen!

9. Current Events & more informed voting

 I never really cared about the news or about important topics that such as history and politics until I started studying for the pageant and realized just how much they affect me  personally. Pageants changed my view on the subjects that I was overlooking and taking for granted. Because current events are a very prominent subject in your personal interview, you have to obtain the knowledge about history and current events to create an opinion on your belief. This therefore equates to more knowledge about politics and politicians, leading you to be a more informed voter!

I have a lot more gratitude for the country that I live in and the freedoms that we exercise here, now that my mind has been opened. I also take more pride in voting because I recognize the influence I have and I want to use my voice to make a difference.
Plus knowing about current events gives you something to talk about with others when carrying a conversation.

10. Communication

In preparing for a pageant you get the opportunity of meeting so many different people.
Communication skills are naturally developed as you start talking to people every day.
Once you prepare for a pageant interview, you can handle ANY interview that ever comes your way.

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