Monday, November 18, 2013

Charity of the week -


I am going to start spotlighting one Charity a week. I feel it is important to be aware of these Charity's so we have more opportunities to be aware of ways we can make a difference and be that "Power of One".

So the first one I have chosen to spotlight is!

I found out about this Charity when I went into Aerie last month 
during October - "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". 
I bought the cutest and comfiest pink bra and 100% of the proceeds went
to this organization - is that not the greatest???
Also I got the prettiest pink nail polish and 100% of the proceeds for that got donated as well!
I would say Aerie ROCKS for supporting such an amazing cause!

Actually you can still buy the bra and support the cause HERE

So I'm sure you are wondering by now what is
Bright Pink is the ONLY National non-profit that raises awareness 
of the protection and early detection of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. 

Want to support this amazing Charity?

Donate Here

Find ways to Volunteer Here

or simply Spread the Word Here

Remember that you hold the POWER OF ONE GIRL 

- You efforts may just end up changing the world! 

If you do ANYTHING to support this cause - I want to hear all about it so please come back and leave a comment.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


                                        It has been awhile since I have updated you on 
                                                    Miss Murray's Outstanding Teen!!

                                 Remember when I wrote about the obstacles in the way? Well, I used 
                                                    the obstacles as stepping stones and things 
                                                               are getting brighter each day!!

                         Miss Murray's FIRST Outstanding Teen was crowned in September. 
           We didn't hold a full on pageant but we chose our winner based on paperwork and a 
                              poster that showed what she would do to promote her platform. 
                           I thought this was ideally perfect as we wanted a girl who was focused 
                                                              on serving her community.

Meet Lauren Wells,
 she is a student at Murray High and her platform is
Cancer Awareness! 

Lauren is already doing AMAZING things in the community.
In fact she performed for the Huntsman Center Gala event that was AMAZING!!
Here is a glimpse into what the evening had in store.

 In celebration of things working out so well, we have partnered up
with Shine Project's THREADS to bring you
bracelets and stacks that were custom made just for
the Miss Murray Outstanding Teen's program.

The stacks are $50 and 20% of all sales goes to MMOT and the
rest goes straight back to Threads and we all know the amazing
work that they do! :)

The crown bracelets individually are $14.

They are debuting in the Thread shop
but I also have my own pile of them so email me if 
you would like some bracelets and I will personally 
deliver them to you! :)

Together we can CREATE and WEAR CHANGE!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to write a Thank You letter

I LOVE thank you notes!

Okay I don't just love them....I may be slightly OBSESSED with them!
I carry blank ones with me EVERYWHERE! 

I feel lost if I don't have one with my at all times. You just never know who might do something nice for you and who you might need to thank!

There are these two very kind boys who work at Kneaders (pretty sure I go there too often for my wallet) and every time I go through the drive through they treat me like royalty! Of course I wrote their manager a letter thanking them for hiring two compassionate boys who know what true customer service is all about! I think that may be the main reason I go back so often, they make me feel like a princess with their sweet service! The second reason is because their food is SO YUMMY!

The point is, if someone makes you feel like a million bucks - TELL THEM!!!

So it is your turn to write a Thank You note.

Step 1: Think and select someone that has made a difference in YOUR life!

 It can be in a very simple or subtle way or it can be HUGE!

Ideas: How about your 2nd grade teacher that took you under her wing?
                 How about that kind cashier that went out of her way to serve you today?
                 What about that girl back in high school who always said Hi to you, no matter what?!

Friends, neighbors, cashiers, waitresses, mentors, parents, siblings, co-workers, your boss - they all want to feel loved and appreciated for the things they do, even if they are simple things.

Step 2: Pick out a card!

It does not need to be fancy! 

Step 3: Think of a few nice things to say!

The most important factor on this step is that you are sincere! 
Make it come from the bottom of your heart!

Ideas to get you thinking: 

You make me feel so loved!
You are truly amazing at your job. Thank you for doing your job so well!
You care so much for others and it really shows.
You make a difference! 
Thank you for your service!
Thank you for your business!
Thank you for your time!
Thank you for your love!
Thank you for being my friend!

Step 4: Write it down!

It is SO MUCH more meaningful when it is written in your own handwriting on a card instead of just a simple and impersonal email. People simply LOVE getting mail that isn't bills!

Step 5: Send it!

Once you send your thank you; lives will be touched, hearts will be lifted, joy will be experienced and the process of paying it forward can begin! 

You writing a thank you note has a HUGE impact on others whether you believe it or not!

CONGRATULATIONS... YOU {being ONE person} just made a difference and started to change the world!

Step 6: Celebrate. {I believe ice cream is in order now :)}

When you reward yourself for the good things you do in this world, you are more likely to remember them and do it again! 

Want a great excuse to invite friends over? Have a Thank you Note - - ice cream party! 
Write TONS of notes and indulge in ice cream!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Power of One Girl Challenge

10 Day Challenge to develop a Healthier and Stronger Self-Esteem -
 The POWER is in YOU!!!
Use #powerinyou to let me know you are taking the challenge! J I believe in you!

1. Practice having a Positive attitude and use Positive Affirmations
Every time you have a negative thought about yourself write it down and then replace it with something positive – When you write it down, the thought can no longer take over your mind and you become in control again.
2. Develop a new talent
How much time do you spend getting ready everyday? – Use the same amount of time getting ready on the inside through studying or developing a new talent or skill. Pick something you really want to work on or learn. It should be something that is outside your comfort zone.
3. Have a strong dream or goal in your life
Create a vision board or goal poster today! Put at least 5 goals on there that are not tangible! You can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind too! Hang it somewhere by your bed and stare at it for 3 minutes tonight before you fall asleep.
4. Don't compare yourself to others
Make a list of 5 positive inner qualities & 5 positive outer qualities you like about yourself – ask a friend or your mom if you need help. Every time you start to compare yourself with someone else, pull out that list and remember that you are proud of that quality and you were made to be unique!
5. Friends
In the halls at school today say Hi to everyone you see! Talk to 3 people you have not talked to all school year long! – THIS IS A HARD ONE BUT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!! {Just picture me cheering you on!}
6. Self-Discipline
Make a list of 6 things that are SUPER IMPORTANT that you have to accomplish today – do this before you go to school! – DO THEM! No matter what, stay disciplined! Even if it gets hard or you get tired, do not give it but do plan wisely!
7. Body Language and posture
Imagine you have a string coming out of your head that is pulling you up. Sit in your chair tall, stand up straight, just be confident in who you are and demonstrate this through your body language today.
8. Stay true to your Values & Beliefs
Write down 5 values that you believe in. Now get a separate piece of paper and write down the names of the 5 people you are around the most. These 5 people are influencing you more than you know, evaluate if what they do matches the values that you believe in. Find a way to change what needs to be changed.
9. Balance Mental, Physical, Spiritual
Mental – study a topic that is hard for you for at least 15 minutes
Physical – Jump rope 20 times
Spiritual - Mediate
10. Service - Make a difference to others
Take the 5 hearts I have given you and do 10 Random Acts of Kindness. You can write a note and sign your name or type it and leave it as anonymous. Take pictures of your acts and use #happinessheartchallenge

I am guest speaking tomorrow at Murray High School tomorrow
 about Self -Esteem during their lunch hour!
 I am SO EXCITED because I feel this is an issue that so many teenagers
face and they don't know where to start or what to do to build 
that confidence they so desperately need!

So I created a 10 day challenge for them.
This challenge, if done correctly will take them to new heights
they didn't even know was possible.

I believe EVERYONE - no matter who you are 
or the background you came from - 
you have something within you - it is called POWER and when 
you use your superpowers that were built inside of you
that is when you will reach your potential.

So why don't you join these Spartans and take the challenge as well! 

Please use #powerinyou if you share this anywhere or take 
pictures on instagram because I would love to see pictures!

In fact I will give you a shout out on the blog for
 a few of you who complete some of the challenges!

Let me know what you think and what your end result was - the idea is to get you out of your comfort zone! :) email me @

 P.S. - Exciting news about threads coming REAL SOON!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5 College Studying Tips

 Here are 5 studying tips for you! This is just what I have learned from experience. 
Comment below to add to it!
1. Study somewhere besides your home 

 I'm not sure if it's just me but I don't accomplish much when I study at home. There are so many distractions between my family, my computer, the TV, the kitchen and everything in between. I get like 3 times as much homework done when I go to the library near my house than I do sitting at my home.

2. Have some good healthy snacks nearby.

 I have to keep a water bottle and either a string cheese or fruit or an organic nutrition bar while I am studying. I think better and it is a huge motivation booster to me.

3. Listen to classical music

 I just barely learned this one! I found this amazing You Tube link and I found that when I am listening while doing my homework, I am a lot more effective at my homework. I seem to remember what I am studying more and for a longer period of time.

4.  Schedule studying time in your day 

This may sound really silly but if I don't schedule out a time to do my homework - it doesn't get done. In my planner I will write "go to library to study" and when a friend comes along, I let them know I am not available because that time is already written down! At the beginning of every single week - I write down every class I am taking and each assignment that is due that week. Even if it is something like "Read Chapter 8". I am a very visual person and if I don't see it - I won't know I have to do it. Besides I LOVE crossing of things on a to-do list!

5. Reward yourself 

I love setting goals and achieving them. That's probably why you are going to college right? You have a goal to be successful, you have a goal to make more money than you do now, you have a goal to gain more knowledge, you have a goal to land your dream job!! Well that may be a few years away so why not reward yourself now? I think of things I get to do if I finish writing my paper or if I get a good grade on my test! It doesn't have to be a big reward - for example I go get a mango tango smoothie from Kneaders (my favorite drink EVER!).

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bridal and Wedding Makeup

 My gorgeous cousin Chelise married a marine this past weekend
and it was so beautiful and their love is so true.

I got the amazing opportunity of doing her makeup
for both her bridals and her wedding.
We decided to keep her look simple to allow
her stunning natural beauty to shine.

I had so much fun playing with her eyes as she has the most stunning
and pure blue eyes.
Don't you think she could be a model?!
I mean seriously she is BEAUTIFUL!

Makeup I used for her bridals:
{I wanted to play up one feature and since her eyes are already gorgeous - 
I chose to make her lips pop}

{Very lightly applied}

Makeup I used for her Wedding:
{This time we kept all her makeup simple
so her natural beauty really got a chance to shine}

Congratulations Chelise and Ruben - - so so happy for you both!
Wishing you the greatest happily ever after!

P.S. I need some bloggy button help - email me if you are interested in helping me
for some FREE makeup - -

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stephanie Scott - The Power of One Cookie


I just found this amazing website

I have volunteered a lot with Primary Children's Medical Center
{the fundraising part of it at least}
so this is something that is close to my heart.

Stephanie Scott is just ONE GIRL

but she is taking steps to change the world!

The Disney Channel star from A.N.T Farm is the official Good Cookie Ambassador!
Pediatric cancer is the #1 cause of death in America for children under 19.
Stephanie already had a love for baking,
so she stepped in to help and make a difference.

Right now more than 40,000 kids are battling cancer, 
this just brakes my heart.
So what can you do about it?
YOU can become a member of the Good Cookie Club.
YOU can organize an event right where you are to make a difference.
YOU can join Stephanie in this fight.

Check out Teen Vogues article on her as well.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom - Happy 4th of July

 To me this isn't just a holiday about parades, candy, fireworks and barbeques.
 It is a holiday about Freedom and about being blessed to have men who
are out there every day fighting for the rights that I am entitled to which
 I so often take for granted.

 America is such an amazing country. It is a country founded upon the principle
that we are all ONE NATION under God with free agency. 
I love living in this country that allows to me to have dreams,
and chase them to my heart's content. 

In my eyes, America is all about happiness, hope, dreams,
love, unity and the goodness in the hearts of our 
people. I love that American's are so giving and would help others in
a heart beat.

Hope you have an AMAZING 4th of July.
I have already been enjoying mine by being in the Murray 
parade to promote the Miss Murray's Outstanding Teen Pageant.
I walked probably 4 miles today {Booya!}
I also got to walk with tons of little Misses - 
that is real life Princess Diaries 2 right there (remember that scene?!)
Can't wait to see fireworks tonight!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

12 Ways to feel beautiful


1. Smile - How can you not feel beautiful when you are smiling? We all find smiling faces more attractive. Smiling is contagious and you will feel gorgeous when you make another person smile.

2. Breathe Deeply - Breathing takes the tension away and allows you to feel at peace. Make it a point to step away from what you are doing to just breathe.

3. Find something to admire in yourself - When you are unhappy or lacking confidence, we all too often find a flaw within us and dwell on it letting that weakness run over and over in our minds again. How can you feel beautiful when you mind is telling you you have a flaw that you hate? Instead feed your mind with the just one beautiful thing you admire. It can be an inner or outer quality - whatever makes YOU happy!

4. Surround yourself with friends that boost you up - I have two friends that I just LOVE to see because I know they are going to tell me I look beautiful when I walk in the room even if I don't feel that pretty that day. Friends are there to support and encourage you! If you feel you don't have people in your life you can count on to boost you up, start complimenting others and it will automatically be a great leap for a friendship but on top of that, the kindness you gave will come back in your life... GUARANTEED!

5. Stand and Sit Tall - Good posture plays a HUGE role in telling your mind how you feel about yourself. Picture yourself with a crown on your head, and then just focus on not letting the crown fall off! When you have good posture, others will think more highly of you as well.

6. Wear your favorite color - Colors make you feel happy and confident! Find a color that you look gorgeous in and rock it often. You don't always have to wear the same shirt, find a necklace, a scarf or sunglasses that have that color in it and wear it like you own it.

7. Say thank you! - Kindness and manners can change your outlook on yourself in an instant and in return make others feel amazing! You feel beautiful because you made a difference. Say thank you to your grocery cashier, say thank you when the door is held for you and say thank you when someone let's you cut in front of them.

8. LOVE - Love life, love your family, love nature - This world was created with so much beauty and love. Take it all in. When you give love, you feel love and love equates to beauty.

9. Accept compliments - When someone is complimenting you, they are going out of their way to make you feel loved. You may not feel like you deserve that compliment or they don't really mean it but they do! OWN it and be proud of the compliment that you just received.

10. Take time for yourself - We live in a world that is rush, rush, rush. It's not selfish one bit to take time out for yourself. Take a bath, paint your nails - you deserve it all!

11. Get out of your shell - Often when I don't feel pretty, I internally roll up in a ball {like a potato bug} and when it reality potato bugs rolled up are not that pretty. They just get lost and they blend in. How can you feel pretty when you are in a ball that no one even knows exists. Spread your wings like a butterfly and let others see your colors. In other words - focus on others and don't get caught up in your flaws. When you are talking to others and opening up yourself, people don't notice flaws - they notice connections they are making with you!

12. Try something new - I am a girl that loves repetition and consistency but I find when I get brave enough to do something new or something that takes courage, I feel absolutely amazingly beautiful. 

What makes you feel beautiful?