Monday, December 10, 2012

Self Esteem Matters!

Self-Esteem has been a long journey for me to reach.

Growing up...
I was the girl that always got teased.
I was the girl that struggled to make friends.
I was the girl that didn't get asked to dances as often as I would have liked.
I was the girl that always desired to be popular.
I was the girl that dreamed of being a cheerleader but lacked the confidence.

I tell you this because I am guessing many of you out there can possibly relate.

Recently I was looking through my High School journals and there was definitely a pattern in everything I wrote about. My journal revolved around two main focuses:
1. Service and how I chose to give of myself to others that day
2. Random acts of kindness people showed me and how others made me feel

Every day I would write about the service projects and kind deeds I had offered others that day. 
I would also write about others and the SIMPLE things people did to make me feel loved.

You see, I was the shy girl. The girl that so desperately wanted to be friends with 
everyone but didn't know how to start a conversation. I lacked the confidence to talk others, 
always worrying what they would think of me. 

Although confidence was the battle that I fought on a daily basis, 
I can't help but feel like it was MY BATTLE for a reason. 
Personal trials make us stronger but they also inspire us to do great things. 
It is a blessing I went through this personally because now I know I can be an example 
and mentor to others just like me! 

I feel like MY purpose or gift is to help others feel good about themselves. 

So why does Self Esteem matter anyways?

To feel confident about yourself is the center of everything you do! 

Have you ever had a bad day? You felt like no body around you cared? You felt like a tiny dot on this big earth? 
I HAVE... and what does it do to your attitude and your mind the entire day? It weighs you down!

How can you help others to feel loved if you don't feel loved yourself? You just can't! 
You can only give away what you have yourself!
If you have a dream but don't believe in yourself enough to reach it, then what good does chasing your dream actually do?

It effects the choices you make! When you are confident in yourself, you respect yourself 
and your body more and you don't allow others to influence you with the standards you have set for 

Self Esteem effects us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and even financially!
So this blog is focused on YOU and how you can become your best self and feel confident with
THE WHOLE YOU - the talents, the flaws and all!

Live, Laugh and LOVE because today is your day to stand up be confident in your own skin!

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