Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jeans for Teens Drive!

Have you heard about the Jeans for Teens Drive yet? 

1.7 million teens are homeless and the #1 item 
that they request from shelters is, you guessed it...

So how can you get involved and help?
Drop off your collected jeans at any Aero or P.S. store.
Every person who participates receives a 25% off coupon for
a new pair of jeans.
All jeans collected, will be donated to a local charity or shelter 

Clean out your closet and make a difference to a teen in need!
Big sizes are the most requested but they need every size.
It doesn't matter on the brand, just make sure they are in
a wearable condition!

I have my Murray Youth collecting jeans from now until mid February.
We are making it a competition to see if we can get 1,000 pairs
collected throughout the Murray Community.
Leave a comment if you want to get involved in our competition.

ONE pair of jeans can change the life of a teen.
ONE pair of jeans can provide hope for a homeless teen. 
ONE pair of jeans can empower a teen to dream again.

Think about it, jeans are something that we wear everyday. 
When you wear your jeans, it probably doesn't cross your mind 
how blessed you are to own a pair.
But there is someone out there right now who is wishing and hoping for a pair,
just to stay warm.
Why let your jeans sit in your drawer if you won't be wearing them?
Donate them and make a difference!
One donation is going to change a life!

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