Monday, December 17, 2012


My eyes filled with tears as I watched the live news reports flooding in Friday 
afternoon due to this terrible, tragic event. 
Any time a chaotic or horrific event is displayed on the news, I can't help but
pause and think for a moment, how would I handle the situation?

My heart sunk for the children, growing up... I feared EVERYTHING!
Some days I was afraid to go to school for fear that an event like this would happen.
I can't imagine the fear that faced these innocent children.

I cried for the pain of the parents.
My mom always tells me "You can't possibly know how much I love you, 
until you have kids one day". 
She is right, I can't fathom the love a mother and a father must feel for their
children but I know it is powerful.

All I ever wanted to be growing up, was a teacher (that has changed now).
But I couldn't help but cry on behalf of the teachers, the principle and any staff
that had their life taken too soon that day.
I couldn't help but picture being a teacher, would I have been strong enough for the
kids that day?

This event had been through my mind a lot this past weekend but then this morning,
I was looking through Facebook when I stumbled upon this page. 
A page dedicated to one true and brave hero.
And tears flooded my eyes.

This is Victoria Soto, a 27 year old woman. Victoria was a music teacher at 
Sandy Hook Elementary School. 
They say her enthusiasm and cheer was evident. 
When Victoria heard the shooter coming to her classroom, she hid all her first graders
in cupboards and closets and told the gunman that the students were in the gym.
With these students hidden, the gunman then fatally shot her as she was protecting the children.
Victoria saved the lives of 10 children.
She was so brave and courageous and perhaps the most selfless teacher.

I seriously can't imagine being in her shoes.
This woman will forever live in my heart as a hero!
She inspires me beyond comprehension. 

Want to make a difference?
Go sign THIS petition. It is a petition to give Victoria Soto the "Medal of Freedom" award. 
It is the highest award granted to a civilian.

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