Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Every day is a blessing

Lately I keep learning the lesson over and over again,
that life is so precious, and yet so short!
I feel it is a lesson that I needed to learn.
I feel as if I am in constant motion, 
waiting for the next big thing to come along
instead of loving each and every single day and finding
pure happiness in the moment.

The president of the Murray Chamber of Commerce,
R. Scott Baker, passed away Sunday Evening.
A man that I respected very very much.
A man that made you feel loved and appreciated.
A man that would always speak so highly of my family and I.
A man who truly gave and served and loved.
I actually can't think of one time when I didn't see a smile on his face.
He was  simply a very AMAZING and REMARKABLE man!

I had the opportunity of working very very closely with him
as our Youth Chamber group is directed right under the Murray Chamber.
I thought so so highly of him and he had all of my respect.
But now I can't help but wonder, 
Do you think he really truly knew how much I admired him?

After hearing this very unexpected news and then thinking about 
the shooting in Connecticut that took 26 innocent lives,
it gave me a true desire to live my life in a more giving and more fulfilling way.

So here is a little exercise... Where are you on your journey?

Multiply your age X 365 days!       _________
(This will give you your current age in days.)

Subtract that number from 27,375 days.    _________
(That's an average life span (+/-) these days.)

I probably have ______ days left.

My answer: 18,615 days.
(Wow, doesn't that just put life into perspective?)

I have to tie in the power of one in right here!:)
There is good in every single day.
You can change a life, in just ONE day!
A lesson can be learned, in just ONE day!
A dream can come true in just ONE day!
Faith can be found in just ONE day!
Miracles can happen in just ONE day!
Every day matters!
Every day is a gift from Heavenly Father!

Source: Pinterest

Ashley's Rules to live life to the fullest!

(I have to admit, I am not pro at living by all of these all the time, but I sure plan to work on them harder)

Rule 1 - Have a good attitude! 
Life is just too short to be cranky. There is something good in every single day, find it! Your attitude is what people will remember about you most.

Rule 2 - Live with integrity.
Keep your word, always follow through to what you say you will do.
Be honest in everything. Set out some values and live by them!

Rule 3 - Forgive everyone, especially yourself.
Don't hold on to past mistakes, we all make them! Forget and forgive!

Rule 4 - Move forward
Don't dwell on the hard moments in life. The moments that make you sad, that fill you with fear, or that bring anger to your heart. Treasure them for the lessons they taught you and then move forward to the moments that will bring you happiness and peace.

Rule 5 - Quit worrying
There is so much to fear in this world but about 88% of what you worry about doesn't actually comes true. It just isn't worth it to live life in worry and fear and waste the perfectly beautiful days  away that you could have been enjoying all along!

Rule 6 - Be grateful
There is something to be grateful for in all things. Be grateful for the tiny things that so often get overlooked. Gratitude brings more blessings, not because of karma but because the more you count your blessings, the wider your eyes are opened to see more of them.

Rule 7 - Enjoy the little things. 
It is the little things that make up to be the big things. Enjoy the people in your life a little bit more. Enjoy the moments you have, to sing your favorite song. Enjoy the journey of work and school because you will be sorry when those moments are gone. Enjoy everyone and everything in your life right now!

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