Wednesday, December 5, 2012

7 Keys to Self Esteem

Self Esteem is one of those things in life that is constantly changing.
Some of us have it more than others, but chances are we all experience ups and 
downs of confidence through different days, weeks and phases of our lives.

Ever notice how some days you feel super confident and like the world is yours,
and then other days you feel like you just want to hide under a rock?

Because change in emotions is inevitable, here are my secrets to having more 
confidence when you feel like you are in a slump.

My KEYS to feeling and gaining more Self-Confidence:

Key #1

{Suggestion: If you are religious in any way, you may want to pray about who needs a visit from you... allow the Lord to use you as a tool!}

Key #2

{Suggestion: It helps if you keep a list of what you think your strengths are by your mirror and read them every morning so you can constantly have them on your mind}

Key #3

{Confidence is a process; it takes much time and patience to feel completely confident. So when all else fails, just pretend you are confident and trick your mind}

Key #4

{Sometimes not caring what people think can be one of the toughest battles in this life. But you will never truly reach a 10 in the confidence level if don't stop caring. Love people, truly love them and give them everything you have but you have to do this not expecting anything in return. You have to care about every single person you come in contact with no matter if you think they like you or not. Once you stop caring if others love you back and you simply fall in love with people just because they are human, that is the moment you become a whole new confident person!}

Key #5

{Keep dreaming and failing! You may not end with the......   but one you will be glad to remember.}

Key #6

{Growing up I always wanted to learn to play the piano but my parents couldn't financially afford it at the time. I taught myself to play the piano 10 years later so I could compete in the Miss Murray was not easy to say the least but the price was SO WORTH IT! Find something you want to be good at and just keep practicing no matter how long it takes.}

Key #7

{Through all my school years, I always felt like an outcast. I was SO SHY that I struggled to make friends, I struggled to feel like I fit in, I struggled getting to know new people.. If I could go back, I would be more willing to hang out when invited to something out of my comfort zone. I would be more daring to sit by someone I didn't know and I would really get to know them. I would be more watchful of others that looked like they needed a friend just like me.}

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