Friday, August 10, 2012

Make Up Order of Application

When I think about Self-Esteem, I believe that inner and outer beauty go hand in hand. You see when I was in third grade, I didn't really care about my outer beauty. I didn't care about brushing my hair, I wore nerdy glasses cause they were comfortable and I could have cared less if my clothes matched that day. Needless to say I got teased A LOT! I learned something from this though, people care about you more when you care about yourself and that really reflects by the way you take care of your appearance.

I remember thinking back on school picture day when my mom when take time to put curlers in my hair, help me pick out the best outfit from my closet and spend time with me making sure I looked extra special, I felt REALLY good about myself. Ever notice how when you feel good about yourself you are happier, which then makes it easier to go out of your way and make others happier?
It's this chain reaction all where you feel good so you want others to feel good so you serve more, you love more and you smile more. By putting a little extra time into your beauty routine - you have a greater chance of making others feel loved.
I plan to share lots of beauty advice on this blog to help and inspire YOU to feel confident.

Here is a FREE printable I made for you on the Order of Application for Skin care and makeup. This list is based off of Mary Kay products, however if you don't use Mary Kay you can alter the steps to fit the skin care products you do use. 
{If you are interested on any of the following products you can find them at}

Free Printables - Make up Order of Application

Taking good care of your skin is essential for outer beauty. Taking good care of your skin allows your natural beauty to just radiate so you will SHINE!
One of the MOST IMPORTANT beauty secrets I can give you is to wash your face every night no matter how tired you are! It's that simple and it will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

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